A Game-Changing Foundation Hack For Summer

When a renowned makeup artist claims a technique to be “the most amazing foundation tip you’ll ever learn,” you better believe we’re all ears. Such was the case with Wayne Goss singing the prayers of mixing oil into your favorite foundation for added lightness and luminosity—so naturally, we put his claim to the test.

The result? A pretty darn genius concoction, especially for the summertime. Just a single drop of oil added to our liquid foundation made the consistency creamier and easier to blend, plus appeared more natural when applied. The coverage of your beloved formula remains, but allows just a smidgen more of your real skin to peek through (because no one wants pancake face, especially in the heat). The hybrid feels lightweight and breathable—just be weary to not go overboard with the oil-to-foundation ratio, as too much of the former creates a greasy effect and dilutes the product’s staying power.

Another variation of the suggestion, in case you don’t wear foundation or just want to further up your skincare game—we’ve also become partial to adding a drop to our regular moisturizer, which makes the product feel even more luxurious and hydrating when applied. Furthermore, if you’ve been weary to try the face-oil trend, this is an easy way to dip your toe into the craze to see if it works for you.

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