What To Consider Before Getting ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Bangs

Jason Merritt

It’s hard to deny: bangs are looking pretty good right about now. We blame it on Dakota Johnson. With her eye-­grazing fringe and long layers, the 50 Shades of Grey star’s sultry style has suddenly become one of the most ­requested of the season. “Just this week I had multiple clients requesting the cut,” says Lizzie Tallie, a top stylist at The Drawing Room in New York City. “Bangs are meant to open up the face and draw attention to the eyes—and any girl wants that.” True. But in order to make sure you get exactly what you want at the salon (instead of a major bang disaster—we’ve all been there, right?), here are Tallie’s tips.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Jane Birkin, bangs icon. Photo: Getty Images

Bangs may look effortless, but they require a little more styling than you might be used to. Before rushing into anything, think it over. "If you're low maintenance, have a cowlick, or don’t like to get your haircut very often, bangs might not be for you," warns Tallie. "They do require regular up­keep."

Be Flexible

Fringed Frenchie, Caroline de Maigret. Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Don't get stuck on a particular look—it really might not be right for you. "Any face shape looks great with bangs," says Tallie. "It’s just about finding the shape and length that suits your face. Talk about the options with your stylist—she'll be able to analyze your face and hair to figure out what type of bangs suit you best."

Go Slowly

Alexa Chung with long bangs. Photo: @alexachung.

"If you've never had bangs or are traumatized by a bad childhood haircut, working up to a look like Johnson's is the best option," advises Tallie. "Start off with a side swept fringe and see how that look works for you. If the bang lifestyle suits you, adjusting the look is very simple."

Be Clear

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Dakota Johnson at the '50 Shades of Grey' premiere. Photo: Getty Images

Like in all matters of heart and hair, communication is key. Explain what you like about Johnson's bangs. "Her bangs are wispy, long, fringe bangs," says Tallie. "They hit just above the eyebrow and are rounded to connect into the sides. The hair is cut into, creating a fringe­ effect rather then a blunt line." Be honest about what you like and your stylist will be able to adapt the look to suit you.