4 Beauty Editors Share Their Favorite Fragrances To Gift This Holiday Season

Fragrances are deeply personal, which is why they can make such special gifts. But, let’s face it: Buying a fragrance for someone else is no easy feat. In fact, it can sometimes prove quite challenging, especially if you’re shopping online and can’t actually smell the perfume in the flesh. With this in mind, we tapped four of our most discerning beauty editors to describe their favorite fragrances in a way that goes beyond just rattling off some scent notes. They compared their go-to giftable scents to their own experiences, personalities, and people, to help you find the best personalized fragrance match for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

IRMA, Associate Beauty Director, Branded

Maison Margiela ’REPLICA’ By the Fireplace

“It’s the type of fragrance that gets you tons of compliments: The brand describes its notes as a blend of clove oil, chestnut accord, and vanilla accord, but to me, it smells exactly like a wood-burning, crackling fire and the subtle sweetness of marshmallows. It makes me so happy every time I spray it on, probably because fall is my favorite season and it takes me back to autumn trips to the Catskills with friends. It’s thoughtful mix of woody, musky, and sweet makes it genderless, and how chic is the apothecary-like bottle?!”

KILIAN Paris Love, Don’t Be Shy

“Definitely on the sweeter side, this rich floral fragrance is spiked with hits of vanilla and marshmallow but also has a bit of an edge to it—probably from its layers of spicy rose and warm amber. It’s a gourmand scent that reminds me of candy, but in the best way possible, and it definitely makes a statement. If your giftee has a sweet tooth like I do, they’ll adore it.”

Marc Jacobs Daisy

“Light, airy, and fresh, this smells of springtime florals, tempered with juicy strawberry notes and velvety sandalwood. It’s evocative of springtime when the weather is finally getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and flowers are beginning to bloom. It’s a great fragrance for a sibling, cousin, or family member who has a youthful spirit—the bottle is especially adorable with its playful white daisy cap.”

BIANCA, TZR Beauty Contributor

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb

“A burst of floral but without the need for allergy medication, this fragrance melds rose, jasmine, and orange blossom with earthy patchouli and sensual vanilla. It’s my mom’s favorite and it instantly reminds me of her. She never leaves the house without her perfume. On mornings when I’m home visiting and she leaves the house before I am awake, I can smell this fragrance long after she leaves for the day. The bottle looks like a giant pink gem, and it makes using it feel so incredibly luxe; great bottles are one of my favorite things about applying fragrances.”

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

“Perfect for the fall and winter, this is a warm, grounded, unisex scent. The vanilla and ginger notes really stand out to me and make me feel like I'm lighting a candle on a cool winter night, getting ready to cozy up with a fire and a blanket. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I really enjoy scents that ground me and help me stay in the present. This fragrance, in my opinion, helps do that.”

Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt

“Jo Malone London is a must-gift. The brand just gets fragrance right. This one is an earthy, genderless fragrance that brings me right to the coast. The earthy scent of sage is a pleasant surprise because I love using it to balance my home, and it’s juxtaposed by the clean, crispness of mineral-y ocean air. Sometimes fragrances can overwhelm me, but this one is like an invisible accessory that people will be able to smell but won’t be able to put their finger on. It's just a nice, simple addition. I'd gift this to someone who doesn't like traditional floral, perfume-y scents but enjoys wearing fragrances. They also have an awesome travel-size option for $45 that would be perfect for the person in your life who loves fragrance and is constantly on the move.”

SHYEMA, Senior Beauty Editor, Branded

Yves Saint Laurent Libre

“The bottle and scent inside is made for someone who appreciates the finer things in life, who exudes elevated elegance but is always the life of the party. It’s bold, but not too heady, with hints of crisp orange blossom and French lavender for a touch of sophistication, plus silky white tea, which makes it feel young and vibrant. It reminds me of city nights: Leather jacket, my favorite jeans, and the pulsing energy of New York City.”

Valentino Donna Born in Roma

“Voluptuous jasmine, oak-y vanilla bourbon, and ripe blackcurrant make this a quintessential nighttime scent (it’s my personal go-to date night fragrance) or just a complex signature fragrance. It's at once mysterious and alluring, comforting and enveloping, and reminds me of getting dressed up, dim restaurant lighting, and walking hand in hand down the street with my husband. And just like the fragrance, the studded bottle is really sexy.”

Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

“Dior has always managed to bottle what I would imagine strolling through a rose garden in a gorgeous couture gown would feel like: Utter fantasy bliss. This scent combines flirty peonies with damascus rose, and is anchored by pure notes of creamy musk. It’s not your powdery grandma’s rose, though. It’s playful, energetic, and sparkling. Cute and innocent also comes to mind when I mist it on.”

KALEIGH, TZR Beauty Contributor

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

“Seductive and memorable, Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium is famously rich and spicy with sweet undertones. It’s got a base of coffee and toasty vanilla, and it’s offset by lush white florals, so it’s not too saccharine. It’s definitely a nighttime fragrance—I’m giving it to my friend who likes to have a special scent for date nights and going out. And it doesn’t hurt that the glittery bottle is truly a work of art and super giftable.”

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia

“A gorgeous fruity-floral scent that’s playful, yet polished at the same time. The fresh pear and white gardenia really come through when you’ve got it on, and the notes of brown sugar add a beautiful layer of complexity to the scent. It strikes a nice equilibrium that’s not aggressively fruity and sweet, nor too overwhelmingly floral. I’d describe it as pretty, elegant, and a little seductive. It’s just perfect.”

Sephora Favorites Bestsellers Perfume Sampler Set

“This sampler set is amazing because it comes with 13 trial sizes of the beauty mecca’s top-selling fragrances, including rich, spicy options from Prada and Yves Saint Laurent, floral scents from Burberry and Gucci, and fresh fragrances from Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. It’s an awesome gift idea for anyone who loves fragrance — or for someone who’s new to the world of perfume and wants to find their signature scent. Also, get this: The kit comes with a scent certificate that allows you to score a full-sized bottle of your favorite scent at no additional cost. Pretty rad, right? All you have to do is present the certificate online or at any U.S. Sephora store.”