30-Second Hairstyles

While we may intend to spend hours on our tresses, sometimes it’s just not possible. Thankfully there are some great 30-second styling tricks to help you get out of the door, in style.

City Slicker

Try this if you have: wavy hair

Ideal for pairing with minimalist outfits, this look is low-maintenance chic. Blast damp hair upside down with a blow dryer, then finger-rake a small amount of gel through your mane, starting at your scalp and finishing past your ears. Use excess on your ends to reduce frizz.

Photo: Firstview

What To Use: City Slicker

Romantic Bun

Try this if you have: unruly hair

Achieve date-ready hair in under five minutes. Allow your hair to air-dry, spritz with texturizing spray, then separate into three sections. Loosely twist each section to the back of your head, twisting hair away from your face, then combine all three twisted sections into one loose bun. Use bobby pins to hold in place. Twist and loosely pin back any stray tendrils.

Photo: Firstview

What To Use: Romantic Bun

Curl On

Try this if you have: naturally wavy hair

To give the effect of a groomed mane when you don't necessarily have 30 minutes to spend in front of the mirror, try this style. Apply mousse to your roots after the shower, allow to air dry (overnight works as well) then loosely curl a few pieces at the front and allow them to fall out of a messy updo.

Photo: Firstview

What To Use: Curl On

Modern Bardot

Try this if you have: fine hair

Ideal for taming post-beach hair. Make a deep side part and fasten into a low ponytail. Using a fine comb, gently brush back and forth over the crown to tease. Do the same with the ponytail for more volume.

Photo: Firstview

What To Use: Modern Bardot

In The Loop

Try this if you have: thick hair

Great for an evening out. Lightly spray strands with conditioning mist and smooth into a low ponytail. Twist the ponytail and loop it back up towards your head. Finsh by using another hair elastic to fasten the upper loop in place over the original hair tie. Choose ties that tone with your hair color to keep the look clean.

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

What To Use: In The Loop