3 Beauty Editors Share What They Look For In Their SPF

If you say you don’t wear SPF daily because it feels goopy, causes you to break out, or you just “don’t need it”… that stops now. EltaMD’s dermatologist-approved products are our beauty editors’ trusted SPFs for everyday wear. Their line is full of supercharged formulas with skin-loving ingredients that protect skin in the short-term (from UV damage like sun spots, fine lines, and skin cancers) and better it in the long-term (think brightening and nourishing). In honor of National Skin Cancer Awareness Month (FYI, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. and worldwide, yet 90% of people skip sunscreen), we’re reminding you to treat your skin like the queen (or king) it is. Read on to find our editors’ tried-and-true formulas, and be inspired to find your best SPF with benefits.

For Healthy-Looking, Even-Tone Skin

“My complexion can get bumpy and a little rash-y from sunscreen, so a formula that does neither is a win, and one that actually makes my skin look better is a double win. EltaMD’s UV Restore Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 has squalane for moisture, antioxidants for a brighter, more even tone, and it’s non-comedogenic — a plus with sunscreen, which can be clogging. I’m also pregnant right now, which has temporarily changed some of my skin-care requirements: Thanks to hormones, I've noticed a bit more dryness and hyperpigmentation, so I really love how this calms both of those issues while being mineral-only and free of potential irritants like fragrance. It also feels feathery light and lends my face a plump, hydrated glow. My mom has always been very diligent about sun protection, and she educated me about sun damage and skin cancer from a young age, so it's always been part of my routine… it’s just about finding a sunscreen that works for you. I’m planning on passing down the same wisdom to my little one!” -Lexi, Senior Beauty Director, Branded Content

For A Hydrating Tint That Lets You Skip Makeup

“I have dry, sensitive skin, which is only accentuated by foundation. I stopped wearing it completely after discovering UV Elements Broad-Spectrum SPF 44, which is moisturizing, breathable, and provides the perfect amount of sheer coverage. It has a light tint that somehow always matches my tone, whether I’m fairer in the cooler months or have some more color to my complexion during the summer. I apply it right after my daily moisturizer, then I apply concealer and bronzer on top, and it never gets cakey or streaky. Sunscreen is also incredibly important in terms of anti-aging for me — I’m almost 30! — so I love that I’m protecting my skin every day while also getting the perfect amount of coverage. In the past, I’ve found mineral sunscreens to be heavy and drying, but this one is literally the opposite. I recommend it to all my friends.” -Irma, Associate Beauty Director, Branded Content

For A Formula That Feels Like Nothing On

“So many sunscreens end up leaving a white, chalky cast on my medium, tan skin tone. I really love that UV Sheer Broad-Spectrum SPF 50+ doesn't do that at all. It’s a liquid SPF that feels totally weightless and absorbs quickly without making my combination skin greasy. This has one of my favorite ingredients, vitamin C, that not only helps against free radicals that can age skin, it also brightens. For me, it doubles as my everyday moisturizer and primer, because it's nourishing and sweat-resistant. It doesn't move any makeup I layer on top or make it slippery, although because my T-zone does get slick easily, I’ll usually set with some powder for extra measure. I wear this formula every day, including when I'm at home — even the blue light from screens emit harmful, skin-damaging rays! I also have big windows in my apartment where the sun shines through, so I want to protect myself from that. Since I’ve started using it last year, my skin texture has become clearer and feels a lot smoother. I even got my husband hooked on it!” -Shyema, Senior Beauty Editor, Branded Content