20 Genius Beauty Products At Target That Do Double (Or Triple) Duty
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Sure, maybe you wake up two hours before your commute each morning, squeeze in a cup of tea or a jog, and have plenty of time to leisurely work through your beauty routine. If so, please share your secrets — because, more often than not, buying up the genius beauty products at Target comes in handy. These are the hidden gems that save you precious minutes and work double duty: Blushes that double up as highlighters, primers with built-in color correction, and perfumes that show up on your skin. (So you won't be left wondering if you already spritzed before walking out the door.)

Moreover, Target also offers up a wide variety of clever beauty buys that can simplify the routine around your beauty routine. If you're short on space, tools such as Command's adjustable makeup mirror and Kristin Ess' 3-in-One Flat Iron will leave you wondering how you lived without them — and help you cut back on any beauty-related clutter currently dominating your bathroom shelves.

No matter the reason, snagging thoughtfully-designed products is an investment in your future self's time (and one that may reward you with a chance to press the snooze button on your alarm). Ahead, 20 genius beauty products you can find at Target.


A Skincare Regimen In A Bottle

Feel like your nightly skincare routine consists of applying serum after serum? Swap in Lumene's pre-batched skincare "cocktail" — it includes vitamins A, E, and C.


A Polish That'll Strengthen Your Nails, Too

Essie's cult-favorite nail color formula deserves a spot in your collection; just swipe on the color to reap its nail-strengthening benefits.


Perfume That Leaves Behind A Subtle Highlight

This delicate citrus-and-floral perfume stick leaves behind a pale shimmer — so you'll always know exactly how much you put on.


A Haircare Product That Redefines "Easy"

The Doux's We Want Easy lotion does exactly what its name implies. The leave-in conditioner can also be used as a heat protectant, frizz tamer, or curl detangler.


A $15 Drying Rack That'll Make You Want To Clean Your Brushes

Whatever your solution to balancing your drying brushes was before, this $15 drying rack probably has it beat.


A Primer And Setting Spray Combo (For Only $9)

Use a spritz of Milani's Make It Last spray as a primer, then again as a setting spray — this top-rated formula is as multifunctional as it is affordable.


One Palette, Two Products

It's no surprise that this eyeshadow and cheek palette from Maybelline has hundreds of reviews.


A Multipurpose Hair Straightener

Why just buy a flat iron, when you can buy one that also can create beachy waves and bouncy curls?


A Way To Upgrade Your At-Home Manicure

Olive & June's cute nail stickers offer a salon-like finish to your DIY manicure.


Liner That Doubles As Eyeshadow

This "shade stick" gets points for doubling up as a liner and eyeshadow (and the gorgeous bronzey color doesn't hurt, either).


A Mirror That Goes Wherever You Need It

Create a vanity out of thin air with Command's rental-friendly wall mirror.


An Easy Cheek Powder Hack

Say goodbye to painstakingly blending your blush and highlighter, and hello to Coloured Raine's innovative pigmented highlighters.


Add A Boost Of Vitamin C To Anything

Versed's Found The Light powder is cutting edge: It delivers a powerful dose of vitamin C in a fresher, stabler powder form.


Color Correcting, Made Simple

Available in green, beige, and pale purple, these primers take the guesswork out of color correction.


A Trick To Getting The Perfect Winged Eyeshadow

Spoiler alert: You don't have to keep drawing and re-drawing your liner to achieve the perfect cat-eye. Just apply this tape, pop on eyeshadow or liner, and then remove — voila, a dramatically crisp line.


Primer That Lets You Skip Your Highlight

Add a few drops of this water-based primer to your routine: It'll keep your skin feeling hydrated throughout the day and add a glowy sheen beneath your makeup.


A Cult-Favorite Clay Mask (With Extra Benefits)

Keep this famous clay mask in your cabinet — according to the jar, it can be used to clear acne, treat bug bites, and more.


A Cleanser That Adds To Your Skin, Too

Try out this cleansing balm from Physicians Formula if your current makeup remover isn't cutting it; it washes away the day, clears pores, and leaves behind a dose of antioxidants.


Lip Color With Built In SPF

Protect, soften, and tint your lips just by swiping on Babo Botanicals' Lip Tint Conditioner.


Coverage That Matches Your Mood

Grab IMAN's foundation if you vary between sheer and full coverage on any given day. This 2-in-1 formula is versatile, and works as a concealer and spot treatment, too.


Toner that Cleanses and Hydrates

Sometimes after cleansing with a face wash your skin needs a follow up cleansing product to remove any excess dead skin — enter the bliss Disappearing Act Micro Purifying Toner. This toner has cult-favorite skin care ingredient Niacinamide which helps reduce the appearance of pores, reduces oil production, and hydrates the skin, while Glycerin softens the skin to help the toner soaked cotton pad to buff away impurities.


Vitamin C Serum That Doubles As Glow Drops

The Vitamin C crazy is still going strong and if you have room in your skin care lineup for another Vitamin C product it should absolutely be this one. This brightening serum is expertly formulated with Vitamin C and Peptides to deliver brighter, hydrated skin while instantly giving your skin a visible glow.


A Face Mask That’s Also A Hyaluronic Acid Serum

This Water Drench Hyaluronic face mask from Peter Thomas Roth is a must-have for hydration junkies. The feeling of slathering on excess serum from a face mask is unmatched, and this mask is basically that feeling in a product. No need to wash this mask off, just apply to your face and neck after cleansing for maximum hydration with a fresh, dewy finish.


The Mascara With A Lash Strengthening Serum

Mascara is meant to make your lashes look longer, but bareMinerals’ takes that a step further with this serum infused mascara that not only makes your lashes look fuller and longer but actually helps grow and strengthen your lashes.


The CC Cream With SPFt 50+

Sun care has become increasingly prevalent and thus products with SPF have been popping up everywhere. This CC cream from IT Cosmetics is basically a tinted moisturizer with SPF for those days you want light coverage and maximum UV protection.


The Makeup Toolbox That Does It All

Think of a handy dandy toolbox, but for makeup and you have the Beauty Book All In One Makeup set. This complete kit comes with everyone you need to slay a full face from beauty tools including, face and lip brushes, to eyeshadows, blushes and lip colors.


The 2-In-1 Lipstick And Lip Primer

Hate that dry sticky feeling some lipsticks leave behind? Look no further than this lip color and primer lipstick. It glides on smoothly, leaves your lips super moisturized, all with rich long-lasting pigment.


The Double Duty Hair Oil And Leave In Conditioner

Simply spray on damp hair, comb through and style as usual for easy detangling. This product has an argan oil base making it the perfect hair oil for those prone to greasy hair.


The Roller Set Organizer With Thermaluxe Heating

These thermaluxe setter help you achieve bouncy curls in a fraction of the time (it heats up in just 90 seconds!) — not to mention you don’t have to worry about losing them or making a mess when doing your hair, because the heated container keeps all the setters organized in one place.


The 2-In-1 Cleanser And Shaving Gel

No need to buy shaving gel and a separate cleanser for your private areas — this two-in-one does the job of both in one product. With a clear gel consistency it’s easy to see the area you apply to to avoid cuts when shaving, and the gentle formula is made without parabens, dyes, fragrances or silicones making it safe for your super sensitive areas.

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