10-Step Korean Skincare Routine For the Lazy Girl

You’ve probably heard of the Korean skincare routine–you know, the one with 10 steps–but if anything over two sends you into a panic, we have the perfect solution. Sure, investing time and effort into an extensive nightly regime results in flawless, dewy, porcelain-looking skin but let’s face it, cutting an hour from out beauty sleep seems less than appealing. Here, we’ve tweaked the traditional approach and made it possible for even the laziest girls to wake up with a luminous post-facial glow.

Now You Can Have Beauty Sleep And Great Skin

Photo: FirstView

1. Pre-Cleanse & Cleansing

Traditionally Korean women clean their skin before they clean their skin–seriously. Instead, opt for a gel-to-oil cleansing product that melts the gunk off your face, leaving it clean and completely moisturized.

2. Exfoliating & Toning

Exfoliating before you apply a toner removes the layer of dead skin that blocks absorption of your product. Expedite the process with an toner that evens out the skin, minimize pores and leaves the skin free of surface residue. Choose one without alcohol to avoid drying your skin.

3. Essence

This essential liquid concentrate is the Korean secret to amazing skin, a step you can’t afford to miss. It speeds up the skin's cellular renewal process, which makes it brighter, tighter, firmer, smoother and all around more radiant. Remember: never rub it in, always tap!

4. Ampoule

A super-concentrated version of an essence, this powerful serum goes hand in hand with the previous step. It specifically targets dull, aging skin with a special fermented yeast ingredient that reduces lines and dark spots.

5. Sheet Mask

Luckily this step is not meant for daily use but applying it once or twice a week gives your skin a much-needed boost. Easy as unfold and go, these lifesaving masks come packed with amazing ingredients that each target specific skincare concerns like dullness, aging, dryness or oily skin.

6. Eye Cream

It's never too early (or too late) to start preventing wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. When applying eye creams, always gently tap around the eyes and avoid rubbing or pulling the skin, which causes more lines.

7. Moisturizing Night Cream

Yes, a moisturizer and night cream are two different products. We suggest a two-in-one option with fermented bamboo extract that replenishes and locks in hydration, while delaying signs of aging and dullness.