10 Hairstyles For Girls With Curly Hair

If you have curly hair you know how hard it is to do anything out of the ordinary with your often out-of-control ‘do. We got you. With our wild-maned friends in mind, we rounded up 10 hairstyles you can only do if you’re blessed with naturally curly hair.

Got Curls?

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Flat Top

Add some edge to curly hair with a new look. Create a center part and straighten the top of hair with a flatiron. Apply a strong-hold gel to the straightened area and flatten with a thin comb.

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Wild Child

This look is ideal for busy mornings (it takes 2 seconds to do) or for when you're growing out bangs. Comb hair into a deep side part, sweep to the opposite side and then secure with a bobby pin.

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Studio 54

Want to make straight-haired girls jealous fast? Use a boar brush to create a frizzy wave and part it down the center. Add some oil to give it a healthy shine and voila!

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True Romance

The best part about curly hair is that even the simplest hairstyle looks beautiful and romantic. Throw it back into a loose bun and pull out a few face-framing pieces to add a messy-chic vibe.

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Step Up To The Plait

Take a simple side braid up a notch by pulling out a few curls and letting them hang freely for a more lived-in look. A wide-brimmed hat is all you need to pull your entire look together.

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2-Trick Pony

For a second-day hairstyle, create a deep side part and pull hair into a sleek, low ponytail. Apply a strong-hold gel to tame flyaways. Tomorrow, remove your hair tie and you're good to go.

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With The Band

For a pretty and practical look, pull hair into a low bun and secure with bobby pins. To add a touch of femininity, finish the look with a headband (which also keeps hair out of the face).

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Fabulously French

A multifunctional hairstyle, this braid can be dressed up or worn with a fancy getup. Apply a texturizing spray from root to tip and then create a loose French braid. Secure with a thin elastic and pull out a few random pieces for a perfectly undone look.

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Old-Hollywood Glam

A good finger wave screams red-carpet fabulous. Pull hair into a low side bun and pin to secure. Using a strong-hold hairspray and a comb, create a subtle wave to frame the face.

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Twist And Shout

Who needs a tiara when you can make a crown out of your own hair? Grab a section from each side of a center part and twist it to the back of the head. Pin to secure and then wrap the rest of hair into a loose bun.

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