10 Game-Changing Tools That Make Your Beauty Routine So Much Better

by Stephanie Montes

Every girl has one great love in her life—for a beauty junkie, it’s her favorite makeup, skincare or hair tool. If you’re searching for your next soul mate, look no further than these 10 vanity staples. From the mirror of your dreams to a multitasking makeup bag, these tools upgrade your beauty routine like no other. Get your hands on these and you will really be the girl who has it all.


Tooling Around

The Smart Mirror

Never let bad lighting ruin your makeup again. This genius mirror uses color correction to simulate natural sunlight; you can even re-create your office (or any other) lighting by syncing it to your phone. We also love the side panels and the built-in flashing alarm to keep you on schedule.

The Hot-Roller-Brush Hybrid

Need a big, bouncy blowout? This detachable brush set makes it look like you just stepped out of a salon. Blow your hair out like usual, then detach the barrel and clip in place like a roller—you get the best of both tools without having to take up all your bathroom counter space.

The Messy-Girl's Makeup Bag

If you like to lay out all your products where you can see them, this is the makeup bag for you. Open it flat so you can work comfortably, then pull on the drawstring to pack everything back up into the compact duffel.

The Makeup-Saving Spatula

Get to the last drop of your favorite products with this genius makeup spatula. This long, flexible tool reaches into every tube and bottle to get that hard-to-reach bit of lip gloss, concealer and foundation.

The OCD-Girl's Makeup Brush Stand

If you are as compulsive about washing your makeup brushes as we are, this drying station will change your beauty routine for the better. The pink clips hold brushes upside-down to air dry without damaging the base, while the black elastic bands hug bristles in place to reshape them to their original state.

The Heated Eyelash Curler

If your regular eyelash curler isn't cutting it, this heated one gives even the straightest lashes a lift. Sweep the comb along lashes in an upward motion for an all-day curl.

The 10-Second Straightener

When you're in a hurry, waiting for your styling tools to heat up can feel like a lifetime. This straightener warms up in 10 seconds—just tap the plates together to turn it on and get ready in record time.

The Surprisingly Easy-To-Use Makeup Brushes

These makeup brushes don't just look good—they completely change your routine. The side angle makes it easy to apply makeup without blocking your view in the mirror.

The Skincare Upgrade

Make all your skincare products work even better with this ultrasonic infusing tool. First apply your serum or moisturizer, then use the metal plate to push products deeper into the skin.

The Wet-Hair Blowout Brush

Hair is extra fragile when wet, which is why we love detangling brushes. This wet-to-dry styling tool tool delivers free-flow tension that avoids dragging and pulling, cuts down frizz and dry time significantly.

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