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Analisse Taft-Gersten Offers A Glimpse At 2021’s Biggest Home Décor Trends

By Allison Berry

You know the sudden curiosity you feel when your eyes land on a social media post that stops your thumb in its tracks? Maybe it’s a mesmerizing video or a fresh take on a fall trend, but whatever the subject matter may be, these posts have the power to stop you mid-scroll and make you wonder, “How did they do that?”

That’s how it feels at first glance of Analisse Taft-Gersten’s home. The owner and founder of design and lifestyle showrooms Alt For Living has an undeniable sense of style that translates into a refined-but-eclectic home base. Featuring an open concept with bold accents, the home is practically a lookbook of 2021’s biggest home décor trends — trends that, if you ask Taft-Gersten, revolve around comfort.

“People are living in very different ways now, which I feel will affect the overall trends for 2021 — and perhaps forever,” she tells The Zoe Report. “Homes will feel more lived in, meaning every room will have a purpose. No more, ‘We never use the formal living room and dining room’ syndrome.”

Taft-Gersten’s own home is a prime example of this type of functionality. When we first laid eyes on her beautiful home office setup featuring a glass-top conference-style table, cane chairs, and vintage décor, we were surprised to learn that the space was, in fact, the home’s formal dining room.

To offer a glimpse at next year’s most sophisticated home décor trends, The Zoe Report chatted with Taft-Gersten to learn what furniture pieces, artwork, and space-completing accents she has her eye on for 2021 — starting with that infamous dining room-turned-office space.

With their large inviting surfaces and ample seating, it makes sense that dining rooms have become a focal point of 2021 work-from-home design. These days, Taft-Gersten’s formal dining area is more often used as her husband’s office, with her personal collection of Japanese ceramics lending a sophisticated touch to the multi-use space. But the sheer functionality of these spaces isn’t the only design element worth noting.

Seating will play a major role in 2021’s home design, with Taft-Gersten hoping to see furnishings like barstools or innovative kitchen seating solutions make their way into more showrooms and homes. Surrounding her own dining table is a set of cane dining chairs — a material that Taft-Gersten predicts will only become more popular next year.

As the most high-traffic area of her home, Taft-Gersten’s living room design boasts more than an inviting layout and conversation-worthy artwork. She also cleverly incorporates multi-sensory décor accessories like WoodWick candles, which crackle as they burn and contribute to the elegant setting.

“WoodWick connects all the senses that create a great space — smell, sight, and sound,” she says, noting these three senses as the cornerstones for creating atmosphere and changing people’s perspective. “Their aromas fill the room with their beautiful multi-tiered glass vessels, and the sound of the crackling wicks brings the sense of home and comfort to any room.”

Giving the space even more dimension is another trend that Taft-Gersten predicts will have a well-deserved moment in the coming year. “I think photography will be more popular again,” she says. “We're going to start seeing some really interesting, innovative pieces that are being printed on large formats,” such as Taft-Gersten’s piece by Joslyn Lawrence that’s printed on butcher paper. “Because my husband and I aren’t traveling as much as we used to, it really transports us into a whole other feeling than being right in our breakfast room.”

During an era in which our dining areas have become our conference rooms and our living spaces are now our offices, it makes sense that in-home escapes are trending. For Taft-Gersten, her recently renovated master bathroom — complete with a makeup vanity, a soaking tub, and a steam shower — serves as her own private sanctuary after a busy day. But you don’t need to call a contractor in order to create your own in-home retreat, you’ll just need to lean into great lighting.

To illuminate her bathroom, Taft-Gersten chose an elegant porcelain floor lamp — an accent that can be just as impactful in a reading nook or a lounge area. For natural lighting, WoodWick candles offer the same refined touch to just as many spaces.

No matter what 2021 has in store for us — whether it’s more time at home or an eventual, safe return to our 2019 lives — one thing seems to be for certain: designing our home to be beautiful, functional reflections of our personal style is a trend that’s here to stay.

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