4 Holy Grail Products For Living A Cleaner, Chicer Life

In partnership with bareMinerals

Living cleaner should be a universal goal now more than ever, but in doing so, you shouldn’t have to make any sacrifices. It should mean choosing smarter, better products with healthier ingredients — not giving up performance, efficacy, or aesthetics. And in all honesty, the alternative is not chic anyway. Questionable products can clog your pores, dull your complexion, or have other long-lasting ill effects.

When embracing a purer lifestyle, there will always be certain holy grail products every clean enthusiast knows about. That’s why we've partnered with bareMinerals, the original clean-beauty brand and creators of clean. All of their products are not only non-toxic, cruelty-free, and packed with good-for-you ingredients, but many of them also outperform their chemical-laden competitors. Why would you settle for less when you can have clean without compromise?

From what you ingest to what you put on your skin, we’ve curated four of the most essential cult favorites to add to your beautifully clean beauty regimen. And all the better if you happen to leave them out on display — they’re just as chic as they are clean.

bareMinerals BAREPRO Glow Highlighter

It’s getting increasingly rare to find a makeup collection that doesn’t include highlighter, which means it’s more important than ever to choose one that’s full of what’s good and free of what’s bad. Utilizing the light-reflecting nature of mineral pearls, this liquid highlighter delivers a natural-looking luminosity with the benefits of a serum. It can be used solo to highlight your cheekbones and nose or mixed into foundation or tinted moisturizer for an all-over glow. Plus, it’s infused with oat sugar to smooth skin’s appearance; while green lentil extract and bamboo extract improve texture over time.

Jade Face Roller & Gua Sha Facial Tool

There’s a reason you’re seeing these delicate tools show up almost everywhere. Jade face rollers and gua sha tools help stimulate the skin to increase blood flow (and thus, radiance) while simultaneously aiding in lymphatic drainage (goodbye, puffiness). After applying a sheet mask, gently run a jade roller over your face to relax while encouraging product absorption. Or, chill it in the freezer before gliding over clean skin to depuff and wake up in the morning. With the gua sha tool, run it up your neck and along your jawline to sculpt and define.

bareMinerals ORIGINAL

Loose Powder Foundation SPF 15

With just five ingredients, this award-winning loose powder foundation provides the perfect amount of buildable coverage for a natural, flawless look. Mica offers a luminous, glowing finish that’s never sparkly or overdone — perfect for achieving the no-makeup makeup look. And the mineral-based formula is makeup so pure you can sleep in it. It’s no wonder this product has been a clean-beauty OG for 23 years.

WelleCo Super Elixir Greens

One very important thing to remember about your skin is that it’s your largest organ, so what you put into your body plays an important role in its overall health and appearance. Skin care is best thought about holistically — that’s where this daily greens supplement powder comes in. With 45 premium whole-food ingredients, two teaspoons a day delivers a punch of antioxidants, omegas, pre and probiotics, and more, making it a sought-after (and beautiful) addition to your kitchen counter.

This post is in partnership with bareMinerals.

Photography: Will Styer; Prop Styling:Jenny Wichman; Art Direction: Diana Weisman/BDG