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6 Beauty Tricks To Prep For Any Summer Getaway

By Michelle Guerrere

Summertime means jetting off more than usual — it also means honing your packing and preparation skills. Whether you’re traveling to distant locales or venturing not so far away, an ideal getaway starts well before you have seatbelts on and wheels up. With just a few unexpected tips, tricks, and services, you’ll be able to soak up the most of the season in style. In partnership with European Wax Center, we’ve curated our top ways to get ready for the most fabulous summer yet.


We wait all year to shed a few layers and bare some skin. And when it comes to ditching work for a warm-weather excursion, the last things on our minds are razors and tweezers. That's why we always block off pre-getaway time for a visit to European Wax Center. Their signature four-step waxing technique leads to the silkiest smooth skin and ensures you’ll feel your best post-treatment. The process starts with cleansing followed by a pre-wax oil to soothe the skin. Then, the brand’s Comfort Wax works its magic to gently remove hair for a nearly painless experience. Lastly, a dose of lightweight serum helps prevent ingrown hairs and breakouts while calming the skin. To continue the pampering while away, bring some Smooth Me Ingrown Hair Wipes to keep bumps at bay and slow down hair growth. (Insider tip: Stow a few wipes in a plastic bag to save space instead of taking the whole container.)


Spending more time in the surf usually means you're spending less time on your makeup. That's where bold brows come in to frame your face and emphasize your eyes (when you aren't wearing the latest skinny sunglasses, of course). To keep hairs in place between waxes and while on vacation, European Wax Center’s Ready. Set. Brow! Perfect Brow Groomer is the one product always worth packing in your makeup bag. Its soft-holding gel formula keeps your arches intact all day without ever veering sticky or flaky, while its spoolie brush grooms even the unruliest of hairs.


Before packing any sunscreen bottles in your bag, check their expiration dates. Formulas really do those their efficacy over time, which can put your glowing skin at risk for damage and burns. Do a three-point check: If your SPF is past its date, if it’s been stored in a warm place all year, or if its texture or scent has changed in some way, consider restocking before soaking up any sun.


Refresh strands with a nourishing oil treatment before subjecting them to a season of sun, salt, and chlorine. Microwave a quarter cup of olive oil until it’s warm. Then, use your fingertips to massage it in at your crown, gradually adding more and working your way down to your ends. Let it sit for five to ten minutes before shampooing (you may have to do it twice to cleanse oily residue) and conditioning.


Gels, powder dip, standing weekly mani appointments — we’ll do just about anything to ensure our nails are perfectly polished at all times. But between regular SPF application and lounging in the sand, polish tends to chip and dull more in the summer. Stash a clear top coat in your carry-on, and apply every other night while on vacation. You’ll extend the life of your mani-pedi through any summer getaway.


The ideal way to prep skin for summer is by sloughing off dryness left over from colder months. European Wax Center offers a range of exfoliants that will get your body absolutely glowing. Buff on one of the four Body Polish scents (our go-to is Paradise Strut Body Polish), concentrating on areas prone to bumps, such as the legs, arms, and bikini line. Beauty insiders specifically reach for this formula because its hair minimizing technology simultaneously slows down hair growth and prevents in-growns.

This post is sponsored by European Wax Center.