5 Skincare Secrets From Korean Beauty Guru Charlotte Cho

by Stephanie Montes

The only thing we love more than an arsenal of perfectly curated Korean beauty products is a book that explains everything we need to know about keeping our skin healthy and youthful. Thanks to Charlotte Cho‘s new (and we’re sure soon to be cult-favorite) book, The Little Book Of Skin Care , we’re well on our way to knowing everything there is to know about K-beauty culture. But in case your schedule is too packed to squeeze in some much-needed reading time, Charlotte—author and founder of Soko Glam—is sharing her CliffsNotes version (it’s like college all over again). Here, the 5 most important skincare secrets to know, straight from the guru herself.


Everything You Need To Know About


"Cleansing Is So Nice You Do It Twice"

"If you're going to spend time and attention putting your face on in the morning, you should give the same amount of care to remove your makeup thoroughly at night. Cleansing is the foundation for good skin -you can achieve a healthy glow, have less breakouts and avoid premature aging. After you've washed with your oil cleanser, follow with a water-based one to banish any sweat, dirt or water-based debris that still hang around."


"Drinking Water Doesn't Equal Hydrated, Dewy Skin"

"Drinking water is good for your overall well-being but you don't hydrate from the inside out. You need to apply moisturizing products topically on the skin to have less fine lines and a dewy, luminous glow."


"Sunscreen Is Needed—Everywhere"

"Even if you're stepping outside for a few minutes, sunscreen is the best thing you can do to prevent premature aging. Don't forget to apply sunscreen to your lips, hands, chest, ears, neck and shoulders. You ever wonder why these areas are the most telltale signs of a person's age? Because they're often neglected in the skin care process and they are continuously exposed to the sun."


Highlighter Is All You Need To Make Your Dewy Glow More Believable

"As much as skincare is important to the Korean beauty routine, make up is too! Use highlighters to add dimension to the face and help create that dewy glow. Yes, it's true: You want a naturally dewy glow, but you can also enhance it with a bit of highlighting."


"Good Skin Is Not About Having More Products That You Can Count"

"The 10-step skin care regimen is a very buzzy topic as of late - but you don't need to use 10 steps every morning and night. It's more about having an arsenal of products that are right for your current skin condition and skin type."