Presented by Forevermark

5 Engagement Ring Styles for Your Modern-Day Love Story

By Michelle Guerrere

The modern engagement ring should be as enchanting as the proposal itself and just as unique as your relationship. Cushion cut, pavé-diamond encrusted, solitaire — the options are endless. What we know is that you deserve a ring style that has the ideal combination of timeless craftsmanship and of-the-moment design details. And because every romance is about finding your forever as a couple, we’re partnering with the diamond experts at Forevermark to help you choose “The One” from their Engagement & Commitment Collection.

Because you should be almost as discerning about the symbol of your eternal commitment as you were in finding your significant other, every one of the jewelry brand’s diamonds is hand-selected with criteria going beyond the 4Cs (color, clarity, cut, and carat weight) to choose only the most beautiful diamonds. The brand’s rigorous selection process means that less than 1 percent of the world’s diamonds can become Forevermark. And because your love story is a 21st-century one, we’re showcasing five timeless engagement ring styles with Forevermark’s signature contemporary twist.


The solitaire is perhaps the most iconic engagement ring style, characterized by a simple setting with a single diamond. This platinum take has a modern twist: Its band arches up into the basket to form the Forevermark Icon™ Setting. The subtle shape is meant to serve as a constant reminder of the promise that each of the brand’s diamonds is beautiful, rare, and responsibly-sourced.


For those who crave a little extra sparkle, a pavé diamond band does the trick by bringing shine all the way around. The Forevermark Icon™ Setting features an of-the-moment oval center diamond. With a comfort-fitted band, too, the design will feel as amazing as it looks.


Once referred to as “old mine” cut, the cushion cut is an elegant square-cut diamond with pillowy corners. The 2019 Forevermark version of this style is designed with a gorgeous rose gold finish, encircled by a pavé halo. To further contemporize the style is a timeless, medium-thick band.


Halo engagement rings traditionally feature one large diamond surrounded by a circle of smaller stones. The style first emerged on the scene in the 1920s when Art Deco design was at its peak. The new take from Forevermark? A feminine, floral-edged halo meant for the woman at the center of their significant other’s universe.


Looking forward to your forever? A trio of diamonds in an engagement ring has long represented a relationship’s past, present and future. Now, the Forevermark style is reimagined with unique pear-shaped side diamonds that bring out the brilliance of the round center Forevermark diamond.