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4 Ways To Turn Your Next Beach Trip Into A Major Style Moment

By Isabella Biedenharn

Fashion lovers know that the beach is more than just a place to sweat, swim, and bask in the sun (with the proper SPF, of course). It’s also the perfect place to make a serious style statement.

If you’re anything like us, you started planning the season’s swimsuits in February (or did it start on that first cold day in October?). So don’t worry, I'm not advising an overhaul in that department. What I'm suggesting is diving into the accessory pool — piling on the pieces that will take your beach day look from cute to major. Whether you're into shiny baubles or show-stopping totes, I researched the best beach-friendly pieces that will help you make a splash — literally and figuratively — during your next coastal adventure.

Read on for our favorite statement-making accessories to rock at the beach.

Layer On The Jewelry

Perhaps you’ve noticed while scrolling your feeds that no swimsuit seems complete anymore without some jewelry to elevate the look. There’s just something about the way the sun sparkles off of a delicate gold chain or gemstone that instantly adds some glamour to your look. Try a body chain under a bikini, or a layered pendant necklace to accent a one-piece suit's plunging neckline. For earrings, stick with organic pearls that look like they were plucked straight from the sea. And if you’re currently craving a pop of color, stack on some colorful resin bangles to get the look of glittering sea glass on your arm.

Elevate Your Picnic

No day at the beach is complete without a picnic, and the right supplies will have your spread looking and tasting as fresh as possible. Pack your seltzer (and everything else) in a gorgeous grapefruit-colored insulated tote from Hydro Flask. It’ll keep items cold for up to four hours (at which point you should probably get out of that sun anyway), and the bag and zippers are water-resistant in case the tide comes in quicker than expected.

Stock up on plenty of rosé, pair it with a variety of cheeses, and lay the whole spread out on a stylish oversized towel that looks like it was stolen straight from an old-school beach club.


The one thing that’s more important than style at the beach? Sun protection, of course. Fortunately, you can accomplish both at once — all you need are the right accessories. Stay squint-free (sayonara, fine lines!) with chic square shades paired with a retro-futuristic visor. For even more face protection — plus a touch of drama — I'm currently loving straw Panama hats. And every accessory pairs perfectly with sunscreen: apply it over your moisturizer but before your makeup, and you’ll be ready to face those rays.


I'm not kidding: You really can wear a heel on the beach. The key is choosing heels short or wide enough that they’ll stay atop the sand and not sink right in. (Sorry, five-inch stiletto lovers! Save those for the boardwalk.) Strappy, kitten-heeled sandals add an ultra-feminine and delicate finish to your look. If you prefer a chunkier heel, go for some mules (perhaps paired with a flowing cover-up?), or a lucite-heeled sandal for something a little more glam. To stay on-trend and still give a nod to a timeless beach look, pick a chic espadrille.

This post is sponsored by Hydro Flask.