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4 Powerhouse Ingredients to Keep Your Skin Fresh & Glowing All Summer

By Michelle Guerrere

Summer skin is synonymous with a radiant glow, and although laid-back beach days and sunny breezes are partly to thank for that, there are also a few key product ingredients that do some heavy lifting. And now more than ever, there's an increased focus on clean ingredients that are effective and conscientious. Enter DERMA E, a nature-first approach to skin care that harnesses rich antioxidants, lush botanicals, and targeted vitamin solutions to keep skin at its absolute peak. Here, we’re breaking down the powerhouse ingredients you need to stay fresh-faced all summer long — and beyond.

A potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals and aid in skin’s natural regeneration process. It helps offset daily aggressors like UV damage and works to brighten and smooth skin.

The key to a bright complexion is this unique serum that harnesses a stabilized form of 5% vitamin C to penetrate skin before it loses its effectiveness.

How-to: Tap into your face and neck twice a day post-cleansing and directly before applying moisturizer.

A molecule found naturally in skin that holds water and is responsible for maintaining hydration and plumpness. Its application is the equivalent of giving skin a tall drink of water.

Hyaluronic acid, aka “nature’s moisture magnet,” combines with green tea and aloe vera in this hydrating cream that will keep your skin soft and smooth all day long.

How-to: After cleanser and serum, apply to face and neck both AM and PM.

Also known as pro-vitamin B5, this natural ingredient has the ability to hydrate skin several layers deep. It not only attracts moisture but retains it to soften skin.

This cult-fave softening gel smooths the appearance of all type of scars (including acne), sunburn, and stretch marks all while targeting discoloration and bumps. The unique oil-free formula also comes in handy for post-surgery and tattoo care.

How-to: Massage a pea-size amount into skin up to three times a day for new scars and twice a day for older scars.

Natural salt and mineral deposits that originate from the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea. It's used as a scrub to buff away rough skin.

This blend of Dead Sea salt and citrus and almond oils smooths fine lines, acne scars, and overall roughness. It’s gentle enough for even those with sensitive skin, as long as it’s not used more than twice a week.

How-to: Use a circular motion to massage onto wet skin for up to a minute (avoid the eye area). Rinse and pat dry.

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