4 Party-Dressing Trends To Try This Season


There’s so much excitement that surrounds the holiday season: reconnecting with family members, traveling to unseen destinations, spending some much-needed time off with your friends, and, most importantly, shopping for a new outfit (or two) for all of the exciting events you have planned. No matter what they may be, dressing up for the holidays is always extra fun, likely because there are so many celebratory trends to experiment with (think: eye-catching sequins, rich velvets, cozy faux-furs and edgy faux-leathers). Take note of these party-dressing trends we simply can’t get enough of—all available at Macy’s.

Sequins are a classic and timeless trend that are just perfect for the holidays, especially New Year’s Eve. Whether you want an all-out sparkly look or just a hint of shimmer to elevate your outfit, I.N.C. has the best sequined pieces for all of your holiday party needs.

Velvet pieces are the perfect way to achieve that understated sense of glam. They’re rich in texture and have a subtle sheen that’s fit for celebration. Even though they’re unique in look and feel, it’s easy to incorporate velvet pieces into your outfit with these pieces from I.N.C.

A modern, more ethical take on one of the most glamorous materials, faux-fur is a must-have addition to any holiday-party outfit. Whether its a boldly-colored plush coat or a fuzzy accessory, a faux-fur addition is sure to give your look an instant party-ready feel.

Another cruelty-free option that adds an instant edge to any outfit, faux-leather is a perfect trend for the holiday season and one that you’re sure to carry throughout the remainder of winter. I.N.C. has the best faux-fur options for every style that are much more practical than you’d think.