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3 Ways To Channel Your Most Glamorous Self This Holiday Season

By Christina Cacouris

If you haven’t assessed your year-end calendar yet — travel plans, family gatherings, holiday brunches, New Year’s Eve toasts — now’s a good time to do so. No matter the occasions, there’s surely no shortage of celebration come end-of-year, and with a packed calendar comes the inevitable need for at least a few ultra-stylish outfits. But, if your wardrobe is lacking some sparkle, you’re in luck — Walmart.com has all the statement pieces you need to get through the season in style, on-trend, and feeling good.

Keeping in line with the ‘80s glam resurgence that’s taking over the scene as of late, we’re showing you the season’s must-have items, from chunky statement earrings and faux fur coats to velvet mini-dresses and retro-inspired waist bags. With so many patterns and textures to play with, incorporating these trends into your wardrobe has never been easier. After all, there’s no time like the holidays to dress and feel like your most glamorous self.

This post is sponsored by Walmart.