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6 Beauty Must-Haves For Removing Even Your Most Dramatic Halloween Makeup Looks

By Kate Marin

No matter the costume, one thing's for sure: We put our skin through a serious beating during Halloween. Heavy-duty primers, face paints, glitters, waterproof eyeliners, and false lashes alike, these hard-working products may be fun to pile on, but can be tricky to remove — especially since they're built to withstand a bit of wear and tear throughout the night. Before you go reaching for that trusty (but irritating) washcloth or a too-harsh makeup-removing liquid that burns your sensitive eyes, consider getting your hands on some new skin-loving alternatives that are tough on makeup but gentle on your face.

In partnership with Walmart.com, we're sharing a dozen of our go-to makeup-removing staples just in time for Halloween. From oils and balms to liquids and micellar wipes, these tried-and-true products will remove even your darkest lipsticks and heaviest lashes — without drying out or over-scrubbing. And, like any other purchases made at Walmart, you can rest assured you're getting the best quality and lowest price on your Halloween makeup must-haves.