Matcha Is Good For More Than Just Tea, & These Recipes Prove It

Cookies and pancakes? Yes, please.

by Natalia Lusinski
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Matcha has a lot of health benefits — it boosts brain health and is full of antioxidants. But did you know it’s not just for drinking as a tea? So you can still get its health benefits, but in other ways, like through matcha cookies or fudge. (Yum!)


If you’re looking for healthier pancakes, then try these matcha-infused ones by Natalie’s Health. With ingredients like oats and vanilla, they are flavorful — yet have no refined sugars.

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If you’d like something a bit more savory, try making this Matcha Pasta (yes, you read that correctly!) by Italicana Kitchen. For a plant-based meal, you can have it with spinach, lemons, and zucchini, though they recommend adding grilled shrimp if you’d like some extra protein.

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This Matcha Bread is fun to make, too, and Sift & Simmer has a great recipe for it. Whether you make it for Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day — or any other time of the year — it will be the talk of the table!

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For a variation of a dough-y recipe, these Matcha Scones, by Fit Mitten Kitchen, should do the trick. Aside from being vegan-friendly, they’re easy to make, and contain ingredients like non-dairy milk and frozen coconut oil.

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Or maybe you’d like some Matcha Green Tea Cookies to go with your afternoon tea? Kirbie’s Cravings has a great recipe that includes an egg, sugar, and vanilla extract. And the green shade from the matcha tea powder is perfect for the holidays, too!

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If you’re a chocolate person, this Matcha Fudge recipe, by ProportionalPlate.com, is perfect for your chocolate-y cravings. It only has a few ingredients — and you can drizzle the green fudge with chocolate.

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These Matcha Whoopie Pies are a fun, and colorful, treat to make! My Recipes has a great recipe for them, including cream cheese, mascarpone, and vanilla for the filling.

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If you want to create a unique chicken dish, and one your friends will certainly remember, try out the Food Network’s Matcha Roast Chicken With Leeks. For it, the matcha tea powder gets mixed with butter to coat the chicken — yum!

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If you want something a tad healthier, Jar of Lemons has a great recipe for Matcha Chia Seed Energy Bites — and they only take five minutes to make! With agave, rolled oats, and shredded coconut, among a few other ingredients, the energy bites will give you some sustenance whenever you need it!

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