Give Barbiecore A Nod With This Subtle Pink Decor Idea

Color us obsessed.

Courtesy of Mary Patton Design / Photo by Molly Culver
This Thomas Guy Interiors-designed space looks like it belongs in a chic Parisian hotel. It’s elegant, yes — but with its mirroring bright pink couches, pops of animal print, and modern art, it also feels unexpectedly modern and glam.Courtesy of Thomas Guy Interiors / Photo by Jen Burner
You don’t exactly expect to see burnt orange and pink paired together often, but this space by Gillian Segal Design proves it works. In fact, it’s a genius combination — the moody couch gives the soft rose shade a nice balance that keeps the room from looking sweet.Courtesy of Gillian Segal Design / Photo by Ema Peter Photography
When a client of Jessica Nelson Design fell in love with this pink mohair sofa, Jessica Nelson, principal designer, decided to create a room around it. “Pink makes her happy and lifts her mood, so it was a perfect fit,” she tells TZR. “It’s one of those colors that can really create a feeling in a space!”Courtesy of Jessica Nelson Design / Photo by Carina Skrobecki
Yes, a monochrome pink room can be subtle — and this space is evidence of that fact. Featuring Wovn Home shades to match the rosy walls and corresponding bedding, it’s a lesson in layering and color that’s leaving us slightly breathless.Courtesy of Wovn Home
It’s hard not to want hot pink curtains after seeing this space. The Mel Bean Interiors design was all about bold, bold, bold; that said, the team still managed to incorporate the dramatic hue in a seamless, sophisticated way that leaves viewers wanting more.Courtesy of Mel Bean Interiors / Photo by Kacey Gilpin
Mary Patton, owner and designer of Mary Patton Design, tells TZR that this home’s owner lived in a house full of boys; thus, she wanted a dining room that felt more feminine. So, Patton explains of the design, “We used pink in the drapes and on the upholstery to soften the space.”Courtesy of Mary Patton / Photo by Molly Culver
Yes, pink is echoed throughout this room by Rebecca Hay Designs. Yet somehow, you almost don’t notice the color at all. So if you want to incorporate the color without being obvious, take note: This layered approach is how it’s done.Courtesy of Rebecca Hay Designs / Photo by Mike Chajecki
OK, maybe this nod to Barbiecore by Gillian Segal Design isn’t exactly subtle. However, her use of the color with pops of other bright shades, set against a backdrop of black paint, is super chic.Courtesy of Gillian Segal Design / Photo by Nick Mele
Anne Hepfer, author of MOOD, did make pink the star of this spot. That said, paired with organic textures and warm, neutral shades, it’s not overpowering — it’s simply a burst of joy done right.Courtesy of Anne Hepfer / Photo by Virginia Macdonald
This happy mudroom area is the brainchild of Abby Leigh Designs, which infused a hefty dose of playfulness through pink patterns on the walls and bench cushion. Take notes from the firm for your own space by mixing similar prints, and pairing them with plenty of solid, neutral hues.Courtesy of Abby Leigh Designs / Photo by Donna Dotan Photography
The design by Wovn Home (the brand that’s also behind the curtains) and styling by Ben Reynaert in this room came together for a match made in heaven. With its layers of rosy tones and natural materials like rattan and leather, it manages to be the perfect mix of soothing and fun.Courtesy of Wovn Home / Photo by Landon Vonderschmidt

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