This Sommelier-Recommended Kosher Wine Is Perfect For Hanukkah Celebrations

What to drink during the Festival of Lights.


Whether you’re looking for a bottle to gift or serving wine at a Hanukkah gathering, here are seven kosher options that wine experts recommend.

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Chateau Giscours Margaux 2019
“When celebrating Hanukkah with our friends, I’m always excited to bring a handful of Bordeaux,” says Torrence O'Haire, sommelier and corporate beverage director of The Gage, who recommends celebrating with Chateau Giscours Margaux, “full of dusty violets and black currant liqueur.”
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One of Aba senior beverage manager Thomas Mizuno-Moore’s favorite kosher wine options is this white from Tzora Vineyards. “An 80/20 blend of chardonnay and sauvignon blanc aged on lees for seven months, it's bright and fresh with wonderful texture and complexity,” he tells TZR.
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Binah Winery
2020 Traminette
Binah is a kosher winery located in Allentown, PA and specializes in East Coast wines,” says Paul Kushner, a mixologist, pub owner, and CEO of MyBartender. “I recommend the 2020 Traminette, which is a sweet white that is similar to a gewürztraminer. It pairs well with the rich, salty foods served over the holiday.”
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Tulip Espero 2018
“My recommendation is Espero, a syrah-based blend from Tulip Winery in Kfar Tikva, Israel,” says Paul Lysek, service manager at Safta. “Espero is full-bodied and rich with lots of spice and dark fruit notes, a perfect pairing for any holiday table (especially a Hanukkah spread).”
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Solomon Lot 70
“My go-to kosher wine is from Covenant,” says Melissa L. Smith, celebrity sommelier and founder of Enotrias Elite Sommelier Services. “Their 2019 Covenant Solomon 'Lot 70' is the best that they produce, that will not only be an incredibly generous gift, but something to be enjoyed with the traditional brisket.”
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ABC Fine Wine & Spirits
Barkan Classic Cabernet Sauvignon
“This kosher red wine is made with grapes grown from ancient vineyard sites in the Upper Galilee region and Jerusalem mountains in Israel,” says Dan Eddy, wine expert with ABC Fine Wine & Spirits. “This bottle is styled like a French cabernet sauvignon with typical black currant and blackberry aromas on the nose.”
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ABC Fine Wine & Spirits
Bartenura Moscato D'Asti
“Every celebration should include some bubbly, and this kosher moscato is a great choice,” says Eddy. “This sweet wine is light with a hint of bubbles... Drink it on its own or pair it with fruit-based desserts like the Hanukkah staple, sufganiyot.”
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