Feeling Crafty? Let These Instagram Accounts Inspire Your Next DIY

Toolboxes at the ready.


Best DIY Instagram Account: @kiva.brent

Kiva Brent’s MO is helping people achieve a luxury look for less. While that often entails providing tips and tricks for scouting affordable furniture finds, it also includes plenty of DIY projects as well. @kiva.brent

Best DIY Instagram Account: @mishkashoe

You know how sometimes you can just *tell* someone’s DIY’d their whole house? Well, that’s not the case with Michaela Shoebridge’s sleek abode. The content creator behind @mishkashoe is an expert in making crafts that look both professional and stylish.@mishkashoe

Best DIY Instagram Account: @letitiakiu

Letitia Kiu’s Instagram account, @letitiakiu, is the ultimate cool-girl DIY resource. The Toronto native and lifestyle YouTuber uses her pages to share some of the most unique project ideas around, such as wavy magnetic catch-alls and waving arm mirrors.@letitiakiu

Best DIY Instagram Account: @tinadoodles

If Cali-inspired boho is your style, then @tinadoodles should be your new go-to account. Her many easy-to-follow projects feature desert-like hues and natural-looking textures, and they all manage to look straight out of a trendy store.@tinadoodles

Best DIY Instagram Account: @genevavanderzeil

Geneva Vanderzeil’s DIY projects are the kind that make you go, “Whoa — someone made that?!” Her creations are not only stunning, but also seriously creative. There aren’t many people who’ve thought to make a coffee table out of a plant pot. @genevavanderzeil

Best DIY Instagram Account: @lonefoxhome

Drew Scott of @lonefoxhome is a powerhouse of DIY. The creator not only runs an Instagram account, but a blog and a YouTube channel along with an app. Scott has tons of tutorials you can follow along with, and they cover pretty much any part of the home. @lonefoxhome

Best DIY Instagram Account: @thekatrinablair

Consider @thekatrinablair your new resource for small-space inspiration. The account, run by interior design blogger, Katrina Blair, features a wealth of advice on making the most of your space — and of course, a few DIY projects to go along with it. @thekatrinablair

Best DIY Instagram Account: @britdotdesign

Brit Arnesen’s account is a veritable paradise of Instagram-worthy decor (and the DIY projects to recreate it). The content creator uses her page to document her Midwest fixer-upper, which she’s transformed into a style combination that’s “desert deco.”@britdotdesign

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