Pastel Outfit Ideas For Easter That Don’t Feel Overly Sweet

Simple and chic.

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If you like to dress according to theme, then wearing pastel outfits for Easter is a solid call. Fortunately, a sugar-rush palette of lavenders, creamy yellows, and baby blues are out there in the form of street style looks. Get inspired by the ensembles, ahead.

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A Handbag

If your wardrobe is generally neutral and minimalist, pick a pastel handbag to brighten your look without veering too far from your aesthetic. This is an easy way to wear pastels without committing to a saccharine ensemble, too.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

A Pantsuit

A power suit is always in style. Pick a pastel iteration to fashion a look for spring (if blue isn’t for you, there’s always lavender, baby pink, light green, and muted yellow or orange), and pull it together with polished accessories.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

An Overcoat

Stand out in a sea of muted overcoats by choosing a pastel option. This pretty-in-pink piece is eye-catching, even when paired with other dynamic colors.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

A Pajama Set

More adventurous dressers might embrace pajama dressing in a creamy color palette. This satin-fringe set is striking, especially when styled with a complementary, soft yellow clutch and bright green sandals for contrast.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

A Headband

Channel Blair Waldorf with a pastel headband. An oversized one will make a statement but won’t compete with other bold pieces you might pair it with, like this patterned jacket pictured here.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

A Mini Dress

Employ two trends at once in a pastel-colored, graphic mini dress, like the one Alexa Chung wore here. The batik print on it is subtle but striking.Christian Vierig/Getty Images

A Headscarf

The headscarf is an accessory almost as old as time and an easy way to integrate pastels into your look. Go for a patterned piece for the most dimension, and come summer, convert it to a top.Darrel Hunter

A Corset Top

Corsets are great over- or under-layering pieces. They’re also the perfect means to integrate a pastel hue without overwhelming your look.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Accent Clothing

To offset a bold color, wear pale accent pieces. A prime example is this look, which includes light pink trousers and a murky purple pullover with a bright green blazer and matching bag.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

A Head-To-Toe Pastel Outfit

Show off your mastery of pastels in a monochrome look. Closely match your pieces — accessories included — to look like a street style pro.Valentina Frugiuele/Getty Images

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