The Prettiest No-Makeup Makeup Ideas To Borrow From Celebrities

See ya later, foundation.

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Gabrielle Union-Wade

The actor’s skin is so glowy it looks like she’s made out of actual sunshine; the going-out bun with the curly bangs steps everything up, too.@Gabunion/Instagram

Gemma Chan

Chan’s simple complexion and lightly lined upper lashes is an everyday look anyone can get behind.@Gemma_Chan/Instagram

Jennifer Hudson

Pro tip: A great pair of glasses is all the “makeup” you could ever want, especially if you go with darker, wing-like frames. @iamjhud/Instagram

Lucy Hale

Hale’s natural skin tone looks so fresh next to her honey blonde hair. @Lucyhale/Instagram

Megan Thee Stallion

Copy this foundation-free look by only lining your lips and eyes, then polishing your brows. (Or don’t, and just go makeup-free.)@TheeStallion/Instagram

Lily Collins

It’s all about the natural-looking long lashes and bold brows with Collins. (Hint: She’s a fan of Lancôme's Lash Idôle Mascara.)@Lilyjcollins/Instagram


As the star behind Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin, you can count on Rihanna for no-makeup makeup brilliance. The angled, lightly filled brows and dark lashes make this look.@Badgirlriri/Instagram

Ashley Graham

Fluffy soap brows are the perfect companion for no-makeup makeup, as Graham shows here. @Ashleygraham/Instagram


Blush, lip gloss, and eyebrow products might be involved here... or it might just be all Zendaya. (Minus the gloss. That’s definitely gloss.)@Zendaya/Instagram

Taylor Swift

The teensy, tiny cat-eye falls into the makeup territory — but leaving everything else simple and natural balances it out.@Taylorswift/Instagram

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