Embrace The Official Color Of 2022 With These Very Peri Nail Looks

Spring is in the air.

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Not only has periwinkle become organically trendy, but according to the Pantone Color Institute, it’s set to bring a “spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence” to 2022. Here, discover all the Very Peri nail color inspo you’ll need for the year ahead.Instagram/@Jujunails217
Geometric Lines

This playful design gives a little something *extra* to a plain mani, without going over the top.

A Touch Of Sparkle

For an ultra-ethereal vibe, pair a periwinkle shade with iridescent glitter. This soft gradient tip gives the look of a French mani without the required precision.

Keep It Simple

A solid periwinkle manicure gives the perfect eye-catching pop of color that’ll instantly boost your mood.

Long & Textured

The snake nail trend took over in 2021, and probably won’t be slowing down soon. This textured take on the look is sure to stand out.

Periwinkle French With Pearls

No nail roundup would be complete without the oh-so-trendy French manicure — and this version includes dainty pearl details that make it extra special.

Multicolor Moment

Spice up a periwinkle manicure by adding some complimentary colors. This abstract look is so unique and fun.

A Little Bit Of Everything

Can’t decide between glitter, embellishments, or a classic French manicure? Why not add a little of each? When done right, it’ll still look cohesive.

Negative Space

For the minimalists, negative space nails are always appropriate. The subtle white lines in this mani give it even more dimension.

Delicate Swirls

This periwinkle whirlpool design almost looks otherworldly in the best way possible.

Mixing French Manis

With so many French manicure styles, there’s no need to pick just one. This edgy mismatched nail look is perfect for the indecisive.


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