Sunset Nails Are The Instagram-Worthy Manicure Trend You’ll Want To Try This Summer

So dreamy.


There’s no denying that sunsets produce some of the most beautiful colors found in nature. So why not incorporate the oh-so-dreamy blend of yellow, orange, red, and pink into your manicures? Ahead, discover all the sunset nails inspo you need this summer.


The gorgeous shade of midnight blue in this manicure puts a unique spin on the sunset nail art trend.@damngirlfriend
Tequila sunrise, anyone? This dreamy ombré manicure might leave you craving a tropical-inspired cocktail.@riviera.beauty
There’s something so summery about jelly manicures. This sunset-inspired rainbow nail look is not only bright and playful but doesn’t require any fancy nail art skills.@nxiledbynia
This lavender and orange combo is a bit unexpected, and that’s exactly what makes it so eye-catching — and the matte finish makes it even more special.@sclarel
Chrome nails are having a *moment”, and this golden version is oh-so-pretty.@ivana_brdar
Creamy and dreamy, these colors are a match made in heaven. The purple tips also give a French manicure effect, which is super trendy at the moment.@checkyesmichelle
3D nails have been making serious waves lately. The clear droplets give this mesmerizing sunset manicure a decidedly beachy vibe that’s perfect for summer.@sculptedby_cc
This mattified take on the sunset nails trend is so subtle yet so dreamy — a cotton candy sunset if you will.@lauraelle111
For a softer take on the sunset trend, try these pretty pastels that blend together seamlessly.@vdw.nails
This sunset-inspired manicure is flaming hot, wouldn’t you say? The pink-to-red ombre and black flame designs really turn up the heat.@re_nailbar

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