If You Try One Makeup Trend This Summer Let It Be Sunset-Inspired Eye Makeup

It’s like golden hour for your face.

There’s nothing quite as magical as a summer sunset. The spectacle of vibrant hues has inspired everything from paintings to love songs, so it’s no surprise that sunset eyeshadow has become a sought-after style. Here, discover 10 ways to wear one of the summer’s dreamiest makeup trends.@looks.by.lottie
Matte Magic

Who says matte eyeshadows can’t be ethereal? This blend of yellow and orange brings a pop of color while still being soft and feminine.

Vibrant Sunset

Feeling bold? Paint the town pink (and orange, and purple) with this dramatic blush look surrounded by similarly warm, vibrant hues.

Sunset Cat-Eye

Nothing will liven up your winged liner look quite like brightly colored eyeshadow. This pop of yellow close to the lash line is also a great way to enhance your eye color.

Pretty In Pink

Pink sunsets are some of the most gasp-inducing, and this oh-so-pretty shimmery pink eyeshadow look is sure to get the same reaction.

Subtle Shimmer

If you’re hesitant to step outside your neutral comfort zone, try using more subdued sunset-inspired shadows. Blend well so that there are no harsh lines, giving the look a softer effect.

Graphic & Bold

Graphic eye makeup is everywhere these days, so why not incorporate it into the sunset eyeshadow trend? By placing the yellow shade in the middle, this cat-eye look elongates the eye even further.

Multicolor Moment

The great thing about this makeup trend is that there are no rules. Create your own masterpiece by adding in the sunset-inspired shades you’re most drawn to, blending everything together for a unique, watercolor effect.

Hint Of Purple

Capture the multicolored wonder of a summer sunset by adding a hint of purple to a yellow and orange eyeshadow look. A shimmery topper will amp up the magic even more.

Orange Glow

A soft wash of orange eyeshadow is enough to evoke a summery feeling. Pair it with a neutral lip and you’ve got yourself an effortless glam moment.

Smoky Glam

Take your sunset eyeshadow from day to night by adding a bit of smoky eyeliner and fluttery false lashes. A glossy, contoured lip is the perfect pairing.


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