11 Summer Nail Art Designs That Are Currently All Over Instagram

Think bold colors and abstract prints.

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Feeling Tasty

Don’t just eat your fruits this summer — wear them on your fingers, too. Take notes from celebrity nail artist Kim Truong and detail your nails with adorable cherries.

Minimal Lines

Attention beauty minimalists: this trend is for you. Instead of going with crazy swirls on your nails, opt for simple white or beige lines. The look is intriguing, yet remains subtle.

Modern French Mani

While a classic white French mani is still very present in the beauty world today, consider a more modern approach to the iconic nail art. For instance, try a few fun bold lines on the tips of your nails, or swipe on a bold pop of color in the area.

Super Swirly

Perhaps the biggest summer 2021 nail art trend is an eye-catching swirly design. Copy celebrity nail artist Mei Kawajiri’s striking look above, or try out the emerging style with all neutral colors.

Easy Polka Dots

Yes, even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, you can still try nail art at home. Start slow with a simple design like polka dots, and work your way up to something like stripes.

Checkered Craze

The checkered trend is still going strong in the fashion and beauty industry. Luckily, Chillhouse’s press-on Chill Tips allow you to try out the print without the mess.

Many Moods

Let your many moods be presented through your nails. From smiles to frowns, it’s okay not to be okay.


Watercolor is a huge trend in fashion right now, so it makes sense the print is trickling down to nails, too. The best part about the look is that it doesn’t have to be precise whatsoever. In fact, the messier the better.

Flower Power

Summer is the ideal time to design your nails with cute flowers. Try everything from daisies to roses for a seriously pretty effect.

Contrasting Designs

Why just stick to one nail art design when you can rock a few? Add one design on three fingers, and then the other on the remaining two for an eye-catching contrast.

Get Wordy

Whether you’re trying to remind yourself to apply SPF or can’t stop listening to Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour album, stamp your fingers with whatever words are on your mind.


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