Halo Stitch Braids Are The Ideal Protective Style Of The Summer

Cornrow’s chicer cousin.

by Natasha Marsh
Fulani braids, box braids, and goddess braids might be some of the more favorable protective styles but this summer there is a new option taking the scene: stitch braids. Inspired by cornrows, they are ideal for length retention and last longer than feed-in braids. Ahead, seven styles to try out this season@hbmstudios1
All Glam

The trend doesn’t stop at the ends either — you can also incorporate into a half style where the hair is half braided and in waves. To achieve, braid hair back half way and let the hair display its natural texture.

Rainbow Optimism

Make your hair pop by using a bright color or creating an ombré effect. Whatever shade you desire, make sure to invest in a good edge control for a smooth finish.

Paint The Town

Pull your braids into a braided bun or two, for a more elevated look, perfect for date night and important business meetings. You can spritz on a hair sheen for added shine.

More Is Better

Why not combine two hair trends, like jumbo box braids and stitch braids where the stitch design goes in the middle of large thick box braids? Be sure to always detangle your hair first for a seamless braid.

High Pony

A high pony will always be the key to summer sophistication. To do at-home, braid hair in an upward direction with overlapping braids on the sides.

Heart Eyes

This playful style will look great on different occasions and with many different outfits. For weekly styling, opt for a holding mousse to tame flyaways. And to combat frizz, pop on a bonnet or durag when you sleep.

‘90s Throwback

Fix stitch braids and cornrows to the crown of your head while leaving out a couple of face-framing strands for a Y2K take on the trend. This style is great because it doesn’t put extra pressure on your scalp and allows the hair to breath while it’s gaining length.


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