Red Tip Nails Are The Cool-Girl Way To Subtly Stand Out This Winter

They never fail.


So science says red is the rainbow’s aphrodisiac — now what? If you’re tired of solid-colored shades, add some sophistication and whimsy in with this guide to the best red French tip nail inspo out there. They’re classic, classy, and never fail to turn heads.

Kourtney Kardashian is a documented fan of these curved heart French tips, even choosing it as her manicure for the “soft launch” Instagram post that introduced the world to Kravis.@kimkimnails
If you’re over the traditional half-moon tips, V-shaped French manicures are a sleek way to spice things up. Plus, throwing in the occasional solid-painted nail is an easy way to make even straightforward manis look elaborate.@nailsbyelle___x
It’s time for some serious short nail appreciation — and the perfect place to start is with micro-French tips, occupying the thinnest strip of nail for a clean, precise look. Micro French tips are so chic, you might just part with acrylics for good.@beautyspace_charlotte
Who says French tips have to be solid blocks of filled-in color? This swoon-worthy take on the trend uses a smattering of perfectly shaped hearts to create French tip outlines while adding so much whimsy and romance.@tiannadoesnails
Winter is all about subtle shine and sparkle, like snow in the sun. These shimmery nails mimic that effect flawlessly thanks to a low-key wash of glitter across the pink nail beds and contrasting red French tips. @nena_purediamond
Take a walk on the moodier side with a dark red French tip. Not only is it perfect for fall and winter, but it’s almost like a fun optical illusion — they look darker or brighter depending on what lighting you’re in.@kimkimnails
Is there anything so sophisticated — yet somehow also under-the-radar — as matte manicures? The smooth finish is its own statement, while the cherry-red tips are laser-precise supporting players.@beauty.studio51
The devil is in the details, quite literally in this case. While the ruby-red holographic French tips are incredible on their own the cheeky devil tail and horns are too goo to relegate exclusively to Halloween.@_nailsbylola_
Square-shaped nails, beloved by trendy stars like Lizzo and Selena Gomez, are staking their claim as one of 2023’s most major manicures. Take it to the next level with scarlet tips, emphasizing the shape with their graduated curves.@lisa_kon_
Obsessed is an understatement. These abstract French tips use four different colors — including the base shade — to create layered ripples snaking diagonally for a trippy effect. Consider this your sign to think outside the box on your next salon visit.@kaykfly

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