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Lean Into The Goth Girl Beauty Trend With These 8 Matte Black Nail Looks

Zero shine here.

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Much like a chalkboard, matte black nail polish provides a clean slate for nail art. The smooth base is also an easy way to tip-toe into the current goth girl beauty trend. If you’re looking to add edge to your manicure routine, these matte black nail ideas are a good place to start.


You don’t need long nails to make a statement with matte black polish. In fact, groomed cuticles are the key to nailing this simple, clean look.

Matte & Glossy

To preserve the contrast of each finish, use a brush specifically made for nail art to paint designs atop the matte nail.


This checkered design takes a mod approach with a matte topcoat and a single solid black nail to break up the set.

Flame Tips

Thanks to its clean look, matte black nail polish can be used as a foundation for glossy nail art like these fierce flames.

Graphic Lines

Taking a cue from blackboards, this graphic design looks extra sharp against a matte black base. With a focus on negative space, the fine lines are a great option for medium-length almond nails.

Silver Stars

Set against matte black nails, these silver stars have an enchanting draw much like the night sky. For the full effect, alternate them with glossy black stars on every other nail.

Yin vs. Yang

No doubt about it, matte black nails are a bold statement all alone. But when paired with a set of white matte nails with a delicate snake design on the opposing hand, the look is entrancing.

Hidden Message

Use the black matte base as a you would a chalkboard and inscribe your favorite date or a hidden message.


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