Lava Lamp Nails Put The Trippiest Twist On Your Favorite Manicure Style

Groovy, baby!


Looking to add some trippy flair to your next manicure? Lava lamp nails, beloved by celebs and civilians alike, use bold colors and swirly patterns to turn nails into a groovy, ‘60s- and ‘70s-inspired statement accessory. Ahead, all the lava lamp nail inspo you need — and some for your friends, too.

Regardless of the actual weather, a jelly-style lava lamp manicure just screams “hottest one at the pool party.” The glossy, jelly-like finish really shows off the texture of the polish-lava which makes it look all the more realistic.@nailedbyallison
A warning: if you opt for these crazy cool glow-in-the-dark lava lamp nails, you may be physically unable to turn any lights on — you’ll be too busy admiring the glowing neons on your fingers, and with good reason.@cute.ickle.nails
The ultimate conversation piece, a 3D lava lamp manicure (especially when paired with other puffy, on-theme adornments) will pull more sidewalk compliments than you thought possible. @finger_paints_nailart
Part of the fun of lava lamp nails is just how customizable they are — so why stick with one color pattern when you can play with two (or more)? Try laying down the same base color for each hand, but switching up the color of the actual “lava” for a fun, personalized twist.@itsagcreation
That said, a monochrome manicure moment can be just as striking. Pick your favorite color, and ask your nail tech to help you choose similar, complementary shades from that color palette. It’s the perfect balance between minimalism and over-the-top fun.@paradigmnailss
Everyone knows French tip nails are having the biggest beauty moment, so consider combining both trends to create a lava lamp French manicure. The design will be concentrated on the tips, which will seem to elongate fingers and allow for more growth time in-between appointments, too.@claw_queen
If you’re looking for something a little more whimsical, a literal interpretation of lava lamp nails is a perfect choice. Anchored by chrome bases and tips to recreate an actual lava lamp, they’re campy, fun, and so colorful.@fingergems
Conversely, a more abstract take on lava lamp nails is so artsy and fits in with all sorts of simultaneous trends — freeform waves and swirls are huge right now among the celebrity set. All the negative space means plenty of room to experiment with color, like neons and pastels.@avl.beauty
It’s true that when you think of lava lamp nails, you typically think of bright, neon colors — but that doesn't mean you have to. Flip the script by sticking with the drippy, bubbly design style but opting for an unexpected colorway, like ever-chic black and white. @freakklaws
When you just can’t help but go all-in on color, try a blended ombré effect to really capture the liquid feel of a real lava lamp — especially when the painted bubbles fade into it. Sunset colors, a classic lava lamp scheme, never miss and are perfect for the approaching warm weather.@_frosty_nails

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