10 Curly Bangs Styles That Prove The Fringe Trend Is For Everyone

From curtains to curly mullets.

Bangs have long been a go-to method for shaking up any hairstyle — curly hair types included. Ahead, discover 10 curly hair with bangs styles that will leave you wanting to finally make the chop.@yarashahidi
The shape of this afro is already immaculate but made even better with the inclusion of eyebrow-skimming curly bangs.@afro_child
This face-framing look is so sweet for summer. Plus, it’s an ideal length for the season; short enough to keep you cool but long enough to tie up if necessary.@chikis_curlss
These curly bangs complement the shorter layers in this hairstyle, while the red highlights give it even more dimension.@devanasalondenver
This curly bob is the perfect, breezy look for summer —the bangs and bowl shape add an effortless, French-girl edge.@_thegirlwiththecurls_
For a lower maintenance bangs look, go for something shorter with choppy layers.@ouga_official
This voluminous cut embraces the texture of curls while incorporating tons of face-framing layers.@zipporahcardozo
Not ready to fully commit to bangs? These face-framing pieces are a great way to give the look a test run — plus, they make any updo even cuter.@kenzahiddas
Curly bangs work wonders in shaping long hair. Behold: definitive proof that a few curly pieces are all it takes to create a gorgeous layered look. @cacheadanacrise
As the mullet trend rages on, this is your sign to cut bangs along with your nostalgic chop.@hey_madeleine
Baby bangs are making a serious comeback. The trendy style gives any look a dainty, retro feel — especially if you have short hair.@teamsharonjoysalon

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