It’s Time To Lean Into The Brown Nail Trend This Fall — Here’s How

It’s perfect for the season.


Brown nails are nothing new, but the shade’s warm, cozy vibes feel so right when fall rolls around. With so many buzzy styles like French manicures and chrome nails circulating, it only makes sense to create these looks in shades of brown. Ahead, discover the best brown nail ideas to inspire you.

The ombré French tip nail trend recently exploded on TiKTok, prompting many users to recreate the mesmerizing gradient design in bright, bold hues. This coffee-colored look, however, is perfect for fall.@nailartbyqueenie
If you’re a nail art fanatic, you’ll love this mix-and-match look. The soft gradient French tips, delicate floral designs, and chrome accents are delightfully feminine.@spoken_nailz
Not ready to commit to full-on brown? Try this chic color palette that features a single brown nail flanked by ivory, beige, and an eye-catching shade of robin’s egg blue.@thaliamatcha
Tortoiseshell nails and fall are a match made in beauty heaven. With the addition of a few solid brown nails, the look is even more dynamic.@nailssbysami
For just a subtle hint of brown, try this simple French manicure with mismatched brown accents on the tips. It features popular designs like checkerboard, ‘70s-style florals, and yin-yang symbols for an ultra on-trend vibe.@brittsnailss
You’ve surely heard all about the Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nail craze, and this chocolate chrome mani is one of her most viral iterations yet. With the elegant combination of sheer brown polish and pearly chrome, it’s easy to see why.@haileybieber
This geometric nail look is ideal for those who want a hint of something in their manicure, while still keeping it neutral enough to match pretty much anything you might wear. @browngirlhands
A criss-cross design on your French tips not only puts a fresh spin on the design, but elongates your fingers in the process. These neutral shades (including a stunning cocoa brown) are guaranteed to elicit plenty of fall coziness.@nailsbyj03
This deep shade of brown will seriously pop against your favorite ivory sweater — and the chrome effect catches the light beautifully.@thaliamatcha
A color palette manicure never goes out of style — plus, it’s a great way to avoid having to choose just one nail shade. This deep brown to ivory gradient is so simple, chic, and could also double as a tool to let your barista know how you take your coffee.@lightslacquer

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