Best Wellness Brands To Kickstart Your Health Game in 2022

New year, new you.

by Natalia Lusinski

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Designed to help boost your wellness routine with superfoods, Golde’s best-selling offerings like the Coconut Collagen Boost and Superfood Latte benefit everything from the hair and skin to nails and brain. Golde / Instagram
For optimum hair, skin, and nail health, just add some of this coconut/bamboo extract to your coffee, matcha, or superfood smoothie.
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Love Wellness

With Love Wellness, you can cover all your wellness bases through products like the Vaginal Health Kit, Intimate Health Kit, and Sleeping Beauty capsules (which contain ingredients like melatonin, magnesium, and organic valerian root), and more.Love Wellness / Instagram
Love Wellness
Vaginal Health Kit
This kit includes everything from Good Girl Probiotics to a pH Balancing Cleanser so you can have the best vaginal health possible.
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Earth & Star

Harnessing the power of “multitasking mushrooms” for focus, energy, calm, and immunity, Earth & Star feature the magic ingredient in all of its products, from its canned matcha and lattes to its chocolate. Earth & Star / Instagram
Lion’s Mane mushrooms help improve memory and cognitive function. This variety pack of 12 cans has four flavors, Focus, Energy, Calm, and Immunity, so you can test out which concoction works best for you.
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This wellness brand is all about superfoods and adaptogens. Its website says, “we believe in the power of food as medicine” and they have everything from plant proteins and organic broths to superfood snacks and OMG Cookie Butter.Kroma Wellness / Instagram
You’ve never had cookie butter like this before. OMG Cookie Butter is vegan, gluten-free, and full of superfoods like raw almond butter, coconut palm sugar, and chocho plant protein.
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Happy V

You probably know about the importance of taking probiotics for gut health, but they’re also important for vaginal health. Whether you’re looking for a prebiotic/probiotic combo pill or cranberry powder for your urinary tract, Happy V will take care of your needs.Happy V / Instagram
Prebiotic + Probiotic is physician-formulated and can help balance vaginal pH, as well as restore healthy bacteria.
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Nature’s Way

This brand has been renowned in the wellness world for decades (since 1969!), and rightfully so. From elderberry gummies and multi-vitamins to digestive and systemic enzymes, the brand is all about upping your health on the daily.Nature's Way / Instagram
Nature's Way
Sambucus Gummies
Sambucus Gummies with black elderberry will help boost your immune system — they contain zinc, as well as 100% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C.
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Your Super

Created after one of the cofounders was diagnosed with cancer, Your Super was created as a means to rebuild the immune system in a healthy way. A good place to start with the brand is with its Immunity Bundle, which contains four different flavors of superfoods, including turmeric- and mushroom-based powders.Your Super
Your Super
Immunity Bundle
From tumeric to mushrooms, this variety pack of superfood mixes — which you can add to a smoothie or latte — will help boost your immune system.
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Halle Berry was inspired to start rē•spin — a health, wellness, and spirituality brand/platform — after transforming her health due to a diabetes diagnosis. The brand promotes several products, from fitness equipment to a serotonin-boosting elixir, Chill the F* Out, so you, too, can “respin” your health.rē•spin / Instagram
Casper via rē•spin
Casper Weighted Blanket
Halle Berry’s rē•spin sells a variety of wellness products from different brands, like this Casper Weighted Blanket — which will help you sleep better and reduce anxiety.
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Kate Hudson’s latest health venture is made up of plant-based supplements, like Green Protein and Brain Flow (to help with memory and focus). Plus, each powder comes from a dehydrated blend of whole foods, plants, and herbs which, in their powder form, enter the digestive system almost immediately.INBLOOM Nutrition / Instagram
If you want to blend your daily multivitamin with some greens, these Essential Elements will do the trick (and you can easily stash some in your purse so you always have them with you).

The Honey Pot Company

This health brand has got you covered — literally — when it comes to all things menstrual. From its organic pocket-sized cotton tampons to the menstrual cup (which is made with medical-grade silicone and is reusable), it’s your go-to when it comes to feminine hygiene products.The Honey Pot Company
The Honey Pot Company
Cucumber Aloe Wash
This feminine wash is plant-derived and was created to support a healthy pH balance.
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