Doing Dry January? Sip On One Of These Alcohol-Free Brands

Vodka tonic — hold the tonic.

by Natalia Lusinski

Whether you’re doing Dry January or are sober curious and exploring an alcohol-free lifestyle, these beverage brands have you and your taste buds covered.

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Mocktail Club
Variety Pack
Mocktail Club is what it sounds like — fun drinks sans alcohol! They’re made from caffeine-free tea that’s infused with natural spices and flavors, from the Havana Twist to the Capri sour (and more).
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Little Saints is a plant-based mocktail brand that’s also sugar-free and comes in various flavors: Ginger Mule, Spicy Margarita, Paloma, and Mimosa. They also just launched a Negroni Spritz with hemp-derived CBD and reishi, which will help you relax and focus.
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Mingle Mocktails
Variety Pack
If you’re craving a cosmo, mojito, or Moscow mule, among other traditional drinks — but without the alcohol — check out Mingle Mocktails. They’re available in both cans and “wine” bottles, and if you can’t choose, you can start with the Variety Pack.
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Founder Lorin Winata was inspired to create Melati, a botanical apéritif, after visiting her ancestral farmland in Bali. The Melati Classic is fruity, floral, and spicy, with a bit of bitterness, yet also a touch of sweetness.
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Take the Edge Off
Apothékary just launched a white wine alternative tincture, Take the Edge Off, its new (and first) herbal tincture. It’s alcohol- and sugar-free — and full of potent botanicals that help alleviate stress and tension, and help support sleep. So if you’re craving a “drink,” look no further.
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The Zero Proof
Holiday Spirit Collection
The Zero Proof sells a great variety of, yep, zero-proof beverages, from “wine” to “spirits” to “gin.” Its Holiday Spirit Collection is a great starter kit to try out a few of the brand’s seasonal, non-alcoholic spirits, which includes RumISH and a cinnamon, non-alcoholic Bourbon.
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Whether you’re craving Botanical Bubbly, Bitters, or Soda, the elevated non-alcoholic drinks from DRY Soda Co. are sure to quench your thirst. Plus, they are made with all-natural ingredients and contain very little sugar. The DRY Botanical Bubbly Can Variety Pack is a great place to begin.
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De Soi
Variety Pack
If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic apéritif to drink before dinner, try out De Soi. Fun fact: Katy Perry is a co-founder. She and the brand’s second founder, Morgan McLachlan, were both pregnant and looking for an alcohol alternative — so they created one!
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OPTIMIST Botanicals
These beautifully bottled botanical spirits by OPTIMIST Botanicals are ideal for making mixed “drinks” and zero-proof cocktails. Aside from no alcohol, they also don’t have any additives or sugar. The 3-pack gives you a good sampling, and you can always gift one or two bottles to a friend!
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Another non-alcoholic apéritif comes from Ghia, a company that makes both Le Spritz (in can form), as well as OG Bitter in a classy-looking bottle. The First Sip Kit is great if you’re a first-timer to the brand.
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