The Best Sparkling Wines To Sip All Summer

Bubbles are best .

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With summer in session, you’re likely craving a crisp, bubbly glass of wine to sip while you hang by the pool or beach. Ahead, top wine experts list their go-to bottles of bubbles that make for a most refreshing season.


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“Gancia is based in Italy and makes very affordable rosé and brut Prosecco, both boasting fresh fruit notes that are perfect for summer,” says Shontel Horne, wine expert and founder of Vinotes.
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“Sapere Aude is a Black woman-owned independent wine company based out of Southern California that only produces sparkling wine, and the Signature Sparkling Rosé manages to be fruit-forward with notes of fresh strawberry and raspberry while also being light and dry,” says Horne.
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“This bubbly hails from Italy, much like Prosecco,” explains third level sommelier Dana Beninati.However unlike Prosecco, this wine is actually made in the same traditional methods perfected in Champagne thousands of years ago. Franciacorta wines offer bright flavors and rich elegance that champagne lovers will adore, but likely at a much lower price.”
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“If true Champagne is what you are hunting for, look no further than the house of De Saint Gall,” says Beninati. “I love a blanc de blanc for the summer, and this particular champagne house really showcases its skills with Chardonnay.”
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“Crèmants are sparkling wines from France made in a traditional method,” says Raquel Ortega, certified sommelier at Michelin starred concept restaurant, Imperfecto. “My favorites are from the Loire Valley, Jura, Savoie, and Alsace. Look for producers like Tyssot, Spaar, or Domaine Huet.”
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“Cavas and Corpinnats from Spain are also made in a traditional method,” says Ortega. “These are great value wines. My favorites are Juve & Camps, Gramona, Llopard, and Recaredo.”
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R. Pouillon et Fils
Brut Rose Premier Cru
“Nothing says summer like rose and sparkling wine,” says Allie Balin, food and beverage director of deep dive hospitality, and nationally acclaimed sommelier. “What makes this one unique is the Pouillon family grows their own biodynamic and organically farmed grapes, an uncommon practice for the region.”
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Prosecco DOC
“This Prosecco is not your typical sparkling,” says Balin. “Made from organic grapes and naturally fermented, it has a subtle effervescence and floral, funky quality that makes it the perfect pairing for cheese and charcuterie.”
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“The Ayala is a dry, crisp and complex Champagne, and the best part is this is in a Magnum format, which is perfect for a get-together with friends, because who only wants one glass of Champagne?” says Vanessa Conlin, Master of Wine at Wine Access.
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Domaine de Trottieres
La Pierre Couverte Cremant de Loire
This bottle combines two of my favorite things about wine — the region of the Loire Valley, and the grape variety Chenin Blanc,” says Conlin. “This is made in a slightly different method as ‘true’ Champagne. What you will find in the bottle is the same delicate mousse and toastiness but with some subtle differences.”
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