The Unexpected Winter Color Combos To Try When You’re In An Outfit Rut

Instant dopamine guaranteed.

Harling Gross

Cure your winter blues with eye-catching colors to punctuate your cold-weather ensemble, and experiment by pairing together unexpected hues. Instill some fun with a dash of color and hit snooze on that default all-black outfit you’ve relied on each winter.

Pernille Rosenkilde

If you’re new to wearing bold colors, tread lightly by picking one favorite shade and style it back to a neutral. Case in point: teal with tones of grey. Grece Ghanem
Bring life to your traditional workwear with a bright orange sweater and a pair of mules. This formula works for any neutral colored suiting you may have. Pernille Teisbaek
Brown is the new black; and can be mixed with any electrifying pigment your heart desires. Stay on trend and opt for Bottega green. Accidental Influencer
A white coat is a refreshing palette cleanser in a sea of black dusters. Take it up a notch with a fluorescent blue oversized scarf for an electrifying effect that’s sure to grab attention. Nnenna Echem
The sage green color trend is still going strong. Go full steam with accessories, too, and pare it back with your favorite neutral-colored denim.Aimee Song
Business on the top, party on the bottom — these bright pink Bottega Veneta wellies are sure to be a conversation starter at the office. Lisa Folawiyo
A foolproof method is to combine beige with your favorite striking color. Keep it streamlined with a pair of pants or skirt in that same hue, or add dimension with a printed handbag. Harling Ross
This unusual color combo of maroon and orange works surprisingly well. Take note that the bright color is layered under the more neutral one, adding just the right amount of statement to the mix. Jeanette Madsen
Take it next level with two-toned animal print and clash it with a color on the opposite spectrum of the color wheel. This blue-yellow-black combo is a maximalist outfit with minimal output. Ellie Delphine
Punch up your winter look with a mood-boosting color like red. To tie everything together, wear with a patterned sweater or pants with a shade of red, like burgundy. Helena Cuesta
When in doubt, style your favorite winter color with black. Keep it uniform with black shoes, handbag, and base layer, too. Emmanuelle Koffi
Keep it light and whimsical with colorful pattern, as demonstrated here with the hosiery against a classic black and white combo. Stephanie Arant

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