13 Photos Of Celebrities With Their Pets That'll Uplift Your Day

Some pets even have their own Instagrams.

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Chrissy Teigen

Pablo the bulldog, pictured here, is one of many animals in the Teigen-Legend household. The model also owns two other French bulldogs, a poodle, one hamster, a bearded dragon, and two birds.@chrissyteigen

Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon welcomed the adorable Minnie Pearl into her family back in Nov. 2020. According to Good Morning America, the black and white French bulldog was named after American comedian Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon aka Minnie Pearl who was known for her Grand Ole Opry appearances. @reesewitherspoon


Inspired by the schnauzer she had growing up, Zendaya adopted Noon, a miniature version of her family dog, in 2015. The two have been inseparable ever since. In an interview with Vogue that featured dog whisperer Cesar Millan, Zendaya revealed Noon often accompanies her to set.@zendaya

Kaia Gerber

After fostering a handful of dogs during quarantine, Gerber recused a pup from the Labelle Foundation. Meet Milo — the fashionable puppy appears to have excellent taste in sunglasses, just like his mom.@kaiagerber

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion and Foe Thee Frenchie, the rapper’s bulldog, make quite the pair. You can follow his journey over on his Instagram, @frenchie4oe. When he’s not snoozing in his mom’s arms, the pup frequently makes appearances in her photo shoots.@frenchie4oe

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston adopted a Great Pyrenees puppy named Lord Chesterfield in Oct. 2020. “He stole my heart immediately,” the actor wrote on Instagram. Lord Chesterfield joins Aniston’s two other dogs: a schnauzer mix named Clyde and a pit bull named Sophie.@jenniferaniston

Hailey Bieber

In a nearly complete family portrait, Bieber cuddled with Bengal kitties Sushi and Tuna, and a Yorkie named Oscar that she and husband Justin Bieber co-parent. The young couple adopted their pup three months after they tied the knot back in 2018.@kittysushiandtuna

Zoë Kravitz

Kravitz's dog Scout has been keeping the actor company throughout the pandemic. "Self(ie) quarantine. Stay inside kids," she captioned in this photo from March 2020. Scout may be missing the pre-pandemic days as he crashed the 2020 Golden Globes' afterparty.@zoeisabellakravitz

Bella Hadid

A devoted equestrian, Hadid keeps her beloved horse Blue at her mother’s farm in Pennsylvania. Of course, the fashion icon brings her stylish touch with her when she goes to the stables and has been known to put Blue in riding gear from high-end brand Chrome Hearts.@bellahadid

Kendall Jenner

In a candid shot shared on Instagram, Jenner joked about how she’s “raising a model” in reference to her photogenic pup Pyro. Aside from her Doberman pinscher, Jenner also owns a snake and an Italian greyhound. It’s clear the supermodel is a huge animal lover.@kendalljenner

Yara Shahidi

The actor adopted her adorable maltipoo Win in the spring of 2019. When Shahidi is not busy acting and starring in Grown-ish, the 21 year old updates the Instagram account dedicated to her pup, @winshahidi, with more snaps of Win.@ yarashahidi

Emily Ratajkowski

You can recognize Emrata’s husky, German shepherd mix Colombo anywhere. She’s often spotted walking him around SoHo in New York City. The handsome fellow was adopted into his loving home back in May 2019.@emrata

Nicole Richie

Last but certainly not least: Richie, her lizard Speedy, and her flock of chickens. Perhaps inspired by her Simple Life farm days, Richie added five chickens to her family around 2014. In an interview with Architectural Digest, Richie revealed her birds “are the easiest animals.”@nicolerichie

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