11 Wedding Manicures Every Stylish Bride Is Saving On Instagram

Upgrade your bridal nails with a unique design.


Delicate line work in a muted pastel is a minimalist bride’s dream mani.


Fall brides, don’t be afraid to embrace some autumnal tones for your big day.


An opaque nude nail with a graceful oval shape is ideal for any bridal style.


Your wedding is a celebration of love after all — why not commemorate it with subtle graphic nail art?


If there was ever a time to embrace a little bling with your manicure, your wedding is definitely it.


Gold foil is a gorgeous accent for your wedding nails, especially when you pair it with a warm blush shade.


Two-tone nails are all over Instagram, and the addition of a glitter accent is simply sublime.


Who said French manicures have to be boring? A sloping cream tip keeps your nails feeling fresh and unique for your big day.


Another French manicure option — subtle square edge nails in a stunning blush shade.


A reverse half-moon French manicure with eye-catching gold glitter is ideal for your wedding day.


Spring brides, this one’s for you — some minimalist floral nail art is the perfect pop of color for your wedding nails.


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