12 Under-The-Radar Makeup Artists to Follow On Instagram

Endless beauty inspiration ahead.

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Beauty inspiration can be found everywhere from the streets to the runway. However, one of the easiest and fastest ways to discover new makeup is by opening up Instagram, where artists post drop-dead gorgeous looks and tips for their followers. To discover 12 of the most talented and under-the-radar makeup artists on IG, keep clicking. Warning: Be prepared to fill up your saved folder in a matter of minutes.

Alexandra French

You’ve probably seen Alexandra French’s work at one point or another. Between her work in commercial, film, and music, the Los Angeles-based makeup artist has been behind the makeup for countless well-known names.

Chiao Li Hsu

Good luck not spending hours scrolling through Chiao Li Hsu’s mesmerizing Instagram page. The London-based makeup artist has an uncanny knack for creating looks that are basically works of art.

Moises Ramirez

Moises Ramirez is a makeup artist and painter in Brooklyn. When he’s not whipping up a masterpiece in the studio, you can find Moises’ work at New York Fashion Week (he’s been involved in over a dozen seasons!).

Sophia Sinot

While she doesn’t have tons of posts, Sophia Sinot’s small but mighty IG page is buzzing with stunning makeup. In fact, the London-based makeup artist makes a convincing case for adding a dramatic liner over an ultra-glossy lip.

David Koppelaar

David Koppelaar has quite an impressive resume — the makeup artist has worked on editorials shoots for heavy-hitters like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein. Take a peek at his work through his dreamy, colorful Instagram feed.

Shaina Ehrlich

If you’re in need of some fresh ideas to switch up your everyday makeup looks, New York-based makeup artist Shaina Ehrlich has you covered. Between all the gorgeous smokey lids and dewy skin, her Instagram page is boosting with inspiration.

Marika D’Auteuil

Cat-eye lovers, listen up — if you’re not already following Marika D’Auteuil on IG, you should consider doing so, stat. The Montreal-based makeup artist is responsible for arguably the most intricate cat-eyes you’ll see on IG.

Tatiana Rose

Australian makeup artist Tatiana Rose’s Instagram page gives off a cool retro feel. In fact, she might convince you to bring back the ‘90s pencil-thin brow or overly lined lips.

Moshoodat Sanni

Moshoodat Sanni combines her background in costume-making, as an esthetician, and makeup artist to create unique, eye-catching beauty moments. Take a gander at her Instagram for some spectacular makeup and funky jewels.

Marie Dausell

Marie Dausell, a makeup artist located in Copenhagen, has all the eye makeup inspiration you could ever possibly need. Gold lashes? Pearl embellished lids? She’s mastered it all.

Rosa Matilla

If you’re always checking out the editorial shoots from publications like Vogue, Elle, and Glamour, then you’ve seen makeup artist Rosa Matilla’s work. Luckily, she shares all the magical makeup moments with her followers on Instagram.

Grace Ahn

New York-based makeup artist Grace Ahn isn’t under-the-radar any more thanks to her recent work with Kendall Jenner and Laura Harrier for their latest Vogue campaign, but she is a definite must-follow for all your makeup inspiration needs.


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