8 Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyles To Break You Out Of Your Hair Rut

Simple and easy to do.

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There’s a reason half-up, half-down hairstyles are a staple. Not only are they quick to do, they’re incredibly chic and versatile. Whether you have curly or straight hair, these eight styles will be a breath of fresh air to your typical hair routine.

Half-Up Bun

If a sleek bun is one of your go-to styles, try giving this half-up half-down version a try. Tightly secure the bun at your desired position, leaving two tendrils out front for a romantic touch.

Tiny Pigtails

Delicate pigtails are an easy way to create volume. For the full effect, leave out the sections around hairline to loosely frame the face.

Loose Curly High Ponytail

The position of a ponytail can completely determine your look. To add height and volume, place your pony directly on top of the head and curl the remaining hair so that it loosely falls around your shoulders.

Barrette Accent

A loosely gathered style is a perfect way to show off long layers. Choose a statement barrette to pin back the front sections of – hair and accessorize your outfit.

Faux Bang

A half-up style is a great way to fake a bang with natural textures. Simply pull back the sides the hair, secure with pins, then fluff out the curls at the crown.

Mini Space Buns

Can’t get enough of the aughts? Don’t worry Y2K styles like these mini buns complete with face-framing tendrils are still going strong.

Claw Clip

A claw clip makes for a quick and easy style when you’re short on time.

Braids & Faux Locs

Protective styles such as boho braids are perfect for half-up styles and look even better when they’re secured with a knotted bun.


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