Elevate Your Fall Makeup With These Modern Graphic Eyeliner Looks

Why stop at a cat-eye?

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You can’t go wrong with a classic cat-eye, but why not kick things up a notch? Here, TZR rounded up the best graphic liner inspo for fall.


Subtle Accents

Dip your toes into the graphic eyeliner trend by extending your liner slightly at your inner and outer corners. It instantly adds glamour and dimension to an otherwise simple eye look.

Extended Wings

Take a basic cat-eye to an entirely new level by extending it a bit onto your crease. It kicks up the drama but still looks classic and elegant.

Wavy Lines

As makeup artist Nikki Wolff says in the caption of her post for this artsy look: “If you struggle to get your liner straight, just do it wavy baby.”


Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with bright colors.

Bat Wings

Make a traditional cat-eye a bit bolder by drawing a thicker wing — it amps up your look just enough.

Ombre Liner

Feeling ambitious? Try bold, ombre liner right below your eyebrows for an ultra-glam effect.

Pink Tones

Add colorful dimension by drawing eyeliner on your lash line and along your crease. Pair with a bright eyeshadow and you’ll surely turn heads.

White Silhouette

White eyeliner is so effortlessly chic, and this graphic liner look makes it even more ethereal.

Subtle Cut Crease

Contour your crease with a neutral shadow that’s deeper than your skin tone (a bronzer works great, too) for a smoky graphic liner look.

Gold Glitter

Fill in your graphic eyeliner with a metallic pigment for a downright glamorous eye look.


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