10 Chic Mid-Length Haircuts For Growing Out Your Short Hair

So you loved your chop, but you’re ready for more length — now what?

Sable Yong/ Cut by Greg Cassese

If you’re feeling stuck in that mid-length style, a fresh fringe and bunt ends can help your cut feel new and exciting again.

Huan Zhou

Sure, parting your hair in the middle may be trending, but a deep side part offers a stunning va-va-voom quality to mid-length cuts.

Bryce Scarlett

A sculptural cut that highlights your bone structure is ideal for curly girls growing out their hair. Also, never discount curly baby bangs.

Getty/ Alessandro Maestri / EyeEm

Not quite a lob, but with the same layered finish, this mid-length cut has movement and versatility — ideal for those hot summer months.

Laura Harrier

The shag haircut trend isn’t going anywhere, and it can make your grow-out process feel much more fun and fashion-forward.


Play with hot tools during your grow-out process to maximize your length. A few strategic waves give gorgeous body and fullness to your hair.

A money-piece color transformation will add excitement to your mid-length haircut, even if you’re eager for longer locks.

Sable Yong/ Cut by Greg Cassese

Subtle, face-framing layers and a deep side part add body and bounce to thinner shoulder-skimming hair.

Dianna Agron

Ringlets require regular trims to maintain their shape and volume, even if you want more length. Keep your volume potential at a maximum with this mid-length cut.

Isra Hirsi

A center part, a subtle blowout, and fresh highlights will have you feeling that a mid-length cut might be the ideal style for you this summer.

Tommy Buckett

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