12 Balayage Highlights Every Curly Haired Girl Should Try

The glowy halo effect is everything.

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The balayage hair dying technique is as low-maintenance as it gets and it works particularly well for curly hair. The coiled texture allows the hand-painted highlights to pop through even more and gives hair dimension. Click through for major balayage highlights on curly hair inspo. @jessicapettway
With coiled short hair, a wash of all-over highlights gives a glowy halo effect that instantly brightens up the face.@curlycrybabyy
For cooler skin tones, you can’t go wrong with a honey-hued balayage, especially on tight curly strands — the randomly placed highlights blend together for a seamless look.@lauren_valenti
For a more subtle approach, concentrate your color around the face. It livens up your look just the same, but with less time in the chair. @lynnkatee
This blonde/brunette combo, better know as ‘bronde,’ is among the most popular pairings. Whether you opt for all-over balayage or subtle streaks, it’ll add a warm pop of color for spring or summer. @romeufelipe
For a subtle approach, choose a lightener one shade blonder than your base color and watch how it hugs every curve of natural texture for a back-from-vacation hint of color.@curlsjulia
Another option? Have your stylist concentrate the color on the top layer of strands. This will offer a bigger contrast between your roots and your ends for more of an underlights effect.@talaothman
Pro tip: For a striking statement, choose a shade that’s around three shades brighter than your base color. @kaylaniquiocho
Don’t think you have to stick to bronde, experiment with different color palettes. Enter: this red-accented brunette look. @sullyg_
If a bold red is too vibrant for you, ease into the trend with a copper hue. It’s a close match to brown, but with a tinge of brightness.@tierechristyan
When it comes to enhancing your curly locks, balayage is, hands down, the most natural-looking solution. Remember: There’s no right or wrong way, so have your stylist play around with varying tones and placements.@itsashleyreuben

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