11 Styling Tricks To Try Now Straight From The Streets Of Fashion Month

So much inspo.

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The runways are great, but during fashion month the streets offer just as much inspiration. Add these outfit styling tricks from the Spring 2022 season into your wardrobe now and you’ll be ahead of the trends.

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Skip a dress and utilize an oversized blazer instead. Add a fitted turtleneck and tights to balance out the look.Jonathan Paciullo
Don’t be afraid to color block. Mix three contrasting hues at once and your outfit will pop. Jonathan Paciullo
Make a summer dress feel a bit more fall-appropriate by adding a black or brown belt and accessories. Jonathan Paciullo
Break up a monochromatic look with a printed layer underneath.Jonathan Paciullo
It may not be cold enough for a scarf just yet, but a sweater thrown over the shoulders can offer a cozy styling option.Jonathan Paciullo
Try layering a thin-knit turtleneck under a dress to add an additional bit of texture.Jonathan Paciullo
If you’re styling two similar prints together, play with size — choose one oversized and one that’s smaller.Jonathan Paciullo
Denim on denim doesn’t have to skew Wild West. It can be preppy, too — aim for a trouser-cut jean and throw a trench coat on top.Jonathan Paciullo
To layer two animal prints together, consider options in completely different colors to set them apart. Jonathan Paciullo
Button just the top of your jacket to highlight the details of your outfit underneath, like a statement belt or printed tee.Jonathan Paciullo
If you’re planning to layer a dress over pants, go for materials that cling closer to the body. A wide-leg trouser in silk won’t feel bulky when worn underneath a long dress.Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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