TZR Editors Swear By These Leggings For Comfortable (& Cute) Workouts

Get you a pair that can do both.

Soft, stretchy, and sweat-friendly, the best workout leggings of 2023 hit on multiple levels: They’ll see you through a hard workout and look chic when you buy a juice (or coffee, no judgements here) after. Click through for the TZR team’s favorite pairs.@lululemon
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“Set Active makes the softest, sleekest leggings that are so comfortable to wear and look amazing on any body. They're sculpting in all the right places, come in fun colors, and feel like a cloud when you pull them on. I recommend them to everyone!” - Faith Xue, executive beauty director, lifestyle, BDG
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The first time I tried on a pair of these leggings, I had an aha moment. This is how activewear should feel on — soft, matte-like feel with form-fitting fabric that keeps you in shape while still breathable. And a plus, it comes with its proprietary sweat-enhancing waistband to target water retention. - Kathy Lee, eic, TZR
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“As a hot yoga fanatic (I just signed up for my studio's 30-day challenge!), I've become somewhat of a workout leggings connoisseur. Breathability and comfort are my priorities, and these leggings deliver. In addition to their perfect support, they come in the coolest colors — I have four pairs!” - Angela Melero, executive editor, TZR
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“I know, lululemon in a leggings round-up is hardly groundbreaking. But it is a mainstay for a reason! The brand’s Align style in particular is so crazy soft and stretchy that I was able to comfortably wear them throughout all nine months of pregnancy and after my midsection returned to normal.” - Alison Syrett, deputy fashion editor, TZR
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Girlfriend Collective
Black Compressive High-Rise Legging
“I’m a reformer Pilates enthusiast who also loves Barry's, so I need my leggings to be as versatile as my workouts. I swear by this sustainable style because it offers the right level of support, doesn’t slip down, and won’t stretch out. I still wear a pair I got three years ago.” - Erin Lukas, deputy beauty editor, TZR
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"My workout leggings need to be high-waisted, but not suffocatingly so. I love this style from Beyond Yoga, which has carried me through my various workouts, from boxing and cycling to pilates." — Marina Liao, senior fashion news editor
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“Comfort is key for me when it comes to working out, and these are buttery soft, yet lightweight and breathable, supportive but not constricting, and 100% squat-proof. While they are a bit expensive, the quality definitely matches the price!” - Rebecca Iloulian, director of newsletter revenue and marketing, BDG
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“I'm a low impact workout kind of girl, so I don't get super sweaty. And if I'm being honest, I might not change out of my workout pants right away. This flared design motivates me to move and doubles as a cute pair of regular bottoms that I can still wear when I'm done. Win-win!” - Ariel Bielsky, fashion bookings & production manager, BDG
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I discovered how life-changing running is last year and it's now my daily non-negotiable. Personally, supportive, high-waisted leggings are beyond crucial and these Nikes nail it. They're breathable, butt-sculpting, and (most importantly) include a phone pocket. — Amanda Ross, beauty editor, TZR
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Abercrombie & Fitch
YPB sculptLUX 7/8-Length Leggings
“Over the summer, I purchased a pair of buttery soft bike shorts from Abercrombie's new workout line and I wore them non-stop. For the colder months, I've had their leggings sitting in my cart and I'm about to hit ‘purchase.’ Bonus: they come in 26(!) colors.” - Maggie Haddad, senior strategist, social media, TZR
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“I am fairly tall, so I don’t often find a pair of leggings that are actually long enough and don’t stop halfway down my shins. But this Airbrush style from Alo is not only the perfect length, but also provides optimal compression for my yoga and HIIT workouts.” - Valerie Stepanova, fashion writer, TZR
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“As a curvy lady who enjoys HIIT classes, yoga, and running, I find it difficult to track down workout leggings that fit my curves and stay up on my smaller framed waist. These do all that and more.” - Natasha Marsh, beauty writer, TZR
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