Selena Gomez’s Best Hairstyles Are A Retrospective Of *Every* 2010s Color Trend

She’s done it all.


Selena Gomez’s personal style was evident even back in her Disney days — and her hair is where she really gets expressive. She’s been blonde, brunette, ombré’d, highlighted, and color-streaked, but Selena Gomez’s best hairstyles always feel so distinctly her. Here, look back at her greatest styles.

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Remember Selena Gomez & The Scene? Two things are forever iconic from that era: Selena Gomez’s 2012-era colorful streaked hair, and the infectious melody of “Love You Like A Love Song.”Victor Chavez/WireImage/Getty Images
You don’t often see Selena Gomez with straight hair these days, but the 2010s were rife with the sleek, shiny look. At a 2012 awards show, Gomez had sunny blonde highlights peeking out from her straightened layers and ahead-of-her-time center part.Frank Trapper/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images
When Selena Gomez uploaded this picture to Instagram, it was the most liked picture on the entire platform for a time — and it’s easy to see why. Her side-bangs and bun combo are the ideal (yet elusive) errand-running look, so casually glamorous and effortless.@selenagomez
Selena Gomez’s artfully messy braid at a 2015 event earned itself a place on thousands of mood boards — it should basically be in the Pinterest Hall of Fame. The elegantly undone style anchors her sexy cutout dress, while the vampy lipstick adds some edge.John M. Heller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Selena Gomez’s Met Gala looks are always noteworthy, but this 2015 updo is among her best. Sleek, slick, and featuring a halo of orchids to honor the China: Through The Looking Glass theme, it’s the ideal mix of sophisticated and whimsical.Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic/Getty Images
She’s dabbled in the bleached look a few times over the years, but Selena Gomez’s blonde hair is always an exciting shakeup. At the 2017 British Fashion Awards, she embraced her edgier side with a wavy, wet-looking bob that features a very deep side part and tons of volume.DANIEL LEAL/AFP/Getty Images
Updos with bangs are kind of Selena Gomez’s thing — no matter if she’s working a classic, straight-across fringe or ultra-trendy curtain bangs, she always kills it. At a 2017 event, the volume at the crown of her updo — and her diamond hoops — lends a retro vibe to her look.Michael Stewart/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
With her performance of “Lose You To Love Me” at the American Music Awards, Selena Gomez ushered in an entirely new musical era — and debuted a new look to match. Gomez’s wavy bob, complete with a center part, is mature, serious, and a little sultry.Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
A naturally curly girl, it’s always a treat to see Selena Gomez embrace her texture. Her curly bangs manage to feel both fresh and a bit retro, while the subtle ombré color — melting from a rich chocolate at her roots down to a warm caramel at the ends — is thoroughly modern in the best way.@selenagomez
A simple, chic bob seems to be Selena Gomez’s go-to style these days, and it’s in large part thanks to its versatility. Here, in a 2022 selfie, it’s straight and voluminous with an off-center part and some gently curled-under ends. It’s a fitting look for the mogul she’s become.@selenagomez

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