Michelle Obama’s Book Tour Hairstyles Are The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Endless inspo in every sense.


Is there any figure so inspiring as Michelle Obama? The former First Lady puts her whole heart into everything she does, from public service to her creative projects. Michelle Obama's book tour hairstyles, featuring her new micro-braids, prove she's the ultimate role model, both inside and out.

The world stopped when Tracee Ellis Ross and Michelle Obama united for a stop on the book tour. While Ross opted for a sleek box braids ponytail, Obama left her new micro goddess braids free-flowing, parted on the side and tossed over one velvet-covered shoulder.@michelleobama
Michelle Obama’s tour brought her to Revolt TV, where she had a candid conversation with hosts Kelly Rowland, Tina Lawson, and H.E.R. For the intimate, cross-generational discussion, Obama and her hairstylist, Njeri Radway, went for a high ponytail with braided tendrils left out to frame her face.@REVOLTtv
If you’d like to be in the middle of this hug, get in line. For a very special evening on the tour, Michelle Obama and Oprah engaged in deep on-stage conversation — and they both had some incredible ponytails. Obama’s is center-parted and sleek, blossoming into big, fluffy curls through the tail.@oprah
In a sky-high braided bun and a butter leather jacket-pants combo, Michelle Obama is red carpet-ready on the book tour. The topknot is full and voluminous, another look created by her go-to hairstylist, Njeri Radway.Derek White/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Versatility, thy name is Michelle Obama. She’s worn quite a few micro-braids ponytails on the book tour, but each one is different and distinct. In this case, she chose a mid-height ponytail that shows off the braids’ curly ends, while parting a section over to one side to make pseudo-side bangs.@michelleobama
Talk about best of both worlds — by concentrating half of her braids at the very top of her head in a trendy half-bun, the rest of Michelle Obama’s hair is free to tumble down her back in voluminous, glossy curls. @michelleobama
The braided ponytail (sometimes called a “snake braid” on TikTok) has been spotted on everyone this year, including the former First Lady. Michelle Obama’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show was ostensibly to discuss her book, but it doubled as excellent promo for the classic braided pony.Randy Holmes/Disney General Entertainment Content/Getty Images
Rounding out her late-night show circuit, Michelle Obama stopped by Conan O’Brien in a celeb-approved half-up hairstyle and the coolest cargo pants. Her I Dream Of Jeanie ponytail wraps around itself to conceal hairties, with the high positioning really showing off the length of her goddess braids.@michelleobama
Trust Michelle Obama and her hairstylist, Njeri Radway, to totally reinvent a classic style. Obama’s intricate bun loops around into a neat knot for a layered effect that would look right at home on the red carpet. She goes for the makeshift bangs again with a deep side-part tucked behind the ear.@Michele__Norris
Michelle Obama’s braided bangs are always up for experimenting, and this sporty-glam ponytail is proof. While her extreme side-part is still there, the braids are loose along the side of her face, seamlessly blending with the ponytail ends.@carlraymua

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